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Lenovo ZUK Z1

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  • SDKforLumia

AnonD-518095, 26 Mar 2016Can you confirm its a dual sim active or dual sim standby .. i.e... moreHaven't used the 2nd SIM slot yet, currently using only 1 sim in it. Will let you know in a week about its Dual SIM call abilities. You got enough time till its next Flash Sale which is on 6th April.

  • AnonD-518095

SDKforLumia, 24 Mar 2016Just got my Zuk Z1 from Cheezmall today. So excited about it. So... moreCan you confirm its a dual sim active or dual sim standby .. i.e Normal phone when you are talking on one sims (mobilink) so your other sim (Ufone) will be turned off which is called dual standby and in dual active if you are talking on Mobilink you will still able to receive call on Ufone number

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  • SDKforLumia

Battery life still average to below average. Makes me worried, how can it perform so bad on a 4100 mah battery? Also, does anyone when will Zuk Z1 get Marshmallow update? Any info please.

  • ASAD

dears .. kindly share me ur experience regarding this mobile working. weather this will be best or samsung a5 new 2016 model.

  • SDKforLumia

Just got my Zuk Z1 from Cheezmall today. So excited about it. So far, I haven't doen much on it except setting it up. But am facing one problem, its battery is draining ridiculously fast. When I switched it on, it was at 53%, went to 30% way faster than I could count of. 2 things I would like to mention her, I haven't put any SIm card yet in it, neither did I charge it before its 1st use. Will it get any better with time, after I put 2 SIMs and charge it to 100% for the 1st time, or will this fast battery drain continue every time I connect it to a WiFi? Someone please reply.

  • Rupesh Shah

Where do you guys bought this phone from?

  • Anonymous

henry, 18 Jan 2016I use this phone (os cyanogen 12.1) for about two weeks, awesome... moreMake the double tap off from disply option and it will work fine

  • Moko islam

waleed, 03 Feb 2016how i change vertical applications list to horzintal one?Long press in the home screen it will show u a list in bottom ....pull up this list will found the options what u need

  • AnonD-510916

Very Good Cell phone. Haven't faced a single issue mentioned in above comments.

  • Samip

Does this device support USB otg? I have heard that it needs special device and software.

  • AnonD-510271

I know quite a few Indian guys who are still waiting for the Lenova Zuk Z1. I thinkl it is atrocious you keep telling them soon it will be in India, failing time and time again, and Lenovo missing out of a large amount of orders. Very unwise to keep them hanging on this long. Thing is with phones is, the technological advance will make this a pink elephant of a phone when many of your opponents improve without a promise to just go ahead and do it. Your sales teams have absolutely know idea when this phone will be available in India, and it is a very large country to have them ignore you in future for a more reliable source.

  • AnonD-509188

I own this phone a few weeks (oak edition).
Very good quality, the body is build perfectly, system runs fast and smooth.
I can't agree that the phone will be get hot while charging, normal warming here.
I miss NFC a bit, but it is okay for me.
The battery holds up to 2 days which is very much, because I use it very often and long over the day. The display is clear and sharp. In my eyes actually the best mid priced phone on the android market.

  • AnonD-496836

Guys, check this out. MrColdbird and his team already make unofficial cm13 android 6.0.1 marshmallow for our beloved zuk z1.


Its better than cyanogen inc development that they left with many bugs and make us feel no good with this great device.

  • AnonD-507564

hi, im from israel. i buy this phone and im very happy with it. love evry thing. very nice. fast. its easy and pleasant to use,
i've had before oneplus one and oneplus two, and this one is great for me too. and not falls any device level flag another.

  • falcon510

bought phone 3 months ago. done normal charging under daily usage. unit gets hot during charging. phone suddenly went off. poor quality. do not buy this phone waste of money.

  • MJ

Zuk z1, Asus Selfie?

  • AnonD-226485

Best phone after my LG flex. Everything is perfect in it. Camera is not that bad as per reveiws. Hell lot of customization s, you can customize almost anything. Loving this custom rom from cyanogenmod. I have the OAK version of zuk which has the wooden look and feels great. Just go for this handset.

  • Anonymous

lenovo zuk z1 mobiles is low quality for not new models in market

  • mirza irfan

i have the problem that the ZUK Z1 does not auto-reconnect to my WiFi at home or at work when i get there. (sleep wifi)
Wifi will immediately connect as soon as i push the power button or home button to turn on the screen.
alo In Settings->WiFi->Menu->advanced,i set for "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep (always)

  • AnonD-500311

Does lenovo zuk z1 supports usb/otg?