Lenovo ZUK Z1

Lenovo ZUK Z1

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  • satti babu

good futures battery

  • Vijay

It is sad to note that external memory slot not available ...


ausm phone

  • Anonymous

A perfect 5.5 inch phone but sadly without the memory card slot.Why did lenovo skip it on such a perfect phone?


No card, non removable...why? Where is project tango?

  • Mad Driver

If its expwnsive don't buy it...cause you do have a lot of choices...there many brands...so you can good one with same specifications...or why not to go for samsung galaxy note 3? Removable battery, disply is good, and also card slot

  • Mad Driver

Ok, one day, we are going to use all used smartphones as bricks for building, otherwise one day we have to throw them all trash...may be someone can find another solution for old smartphones

  • AnonD-429530

lenovo rockz but no octa core processor.

  • anisha

nice phone but price is high

I need this phone in Sri Lanka.