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  • Anonymous

anyone else having trouble installing the pc suite from the phone on this thing?!?!?
keeps saying needs to have internet connection and obviously there is

  • k

How much memory is for user in the 16 GB version? Please help me.

  • Lozakalboza

Swapan, 10 Nov 2013I am confused which one should buy. HTC one or LG G2. Please adv... moreHTC One has a poor battery compared to the LG G2 which can with stand the whole day on 3G, also HTC One has less CPU performance 1.7 Quad instead of 2.26

  • rowne

Wi-Fi, 10 Nov 2013I m rather confused what are the differences with Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi ... morewifi is connecting this phone to an open/close network(hotspot) while wifi direct is plugging the phone using a cable from the source of internet connection

  • Anonymous

Hello, I am thinking of buying this phone but I found that some people has screen sensitivity issue on this phone (for example when you're hovering your finger over screen without touching it yet, it's registers it like you touched it or something like that) and I've read about some lags if you have many apps installed.
So anyone experience "too sensitive" screen issues, some random lags, or lags on this phone?

  • AnonD-196679

Hi..I'm from India. I am confused between G2 and Nexus 5. nexus 5 cost only bit less than g2. I wanted to buy nexus but coz of poor battery life of nexus m thinking now. So is it worth going for g2 by paying little more? help me guys..thank you

  • shawny!

baddest an best phone ond planet!!!!!!


I still don't understand why this gadget has no memory card.

  • Swapan

I am confused which one should buy. HTC one or LG G2. Please advice me.

  • AnonD-62569

[deleted post]LG G2. I got it. It's a beast. First android phone I've used that's without any lag. Really snappy phone. The screen is amazing. Even though the battery is 200 Mah less than the note 3 it beats it by around 3 to 4 hrs. This is a true game changer from LG. You just can't go wrong with this phone.

  • Wi-Fi

I m rather confused what are the differences with Wi-Fi , Wi-Fi Direct, and Wi-Fi hotspot.

Do i need user id and password to access them,could someone kind enough to enlighten me,thanks.

  • Carlos

RAAJ, 09 Nov 2013really ?No. Not really.

Nobody knows when the G2 will Getty an update. Nobody.

I already explained that the December rumor started from a French website who posted the update for the G2 in December. However, that website already changed that and it says "no planned update"

You will know when LG announces it.

  • RAAJ

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2013On December G2 will get 4.4Kitkatreally ?

  • RAAJ

Nonsense, 09 Nov 2013....but ive read that if its overcharged then it will blow up, i... morei left daily overnight for charging
no issue

  • jai

Carlos, 09 Nov 2013And no thanks. I'm not installing that app in my phone. Take... moreYou are right. The resolution of the photo is 4160x3120. Thanks for the clarification.

  • Carlos

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2013Really, You bought the LG G2 on monday and your charged it on... moreIf you don't use it much. I can guarantee this phone lasts a day to anyone.

The only way out wouldn't is if you turn it on and don't turn it off for 5-6 hours ans not stop using it. I guess no phone would.

  • Carlos

AnonD-197114, 09 Nov 2013how is LG G2????? It's good

  • carlos

AnonD-200219, 09 Nov 2013what is means of "GPRS class 12 32-48 kbps". is it 2G ... moreIs telling you the speed of gprs class 12.

Edge has a theoretical maximum speed of 384kbps.

  • Carlos

jai, 08 Nov 2013Dear G2 users, I used 'system info driod' application from play... moreAnd no thanks. I'm not installing that app in my phone.

Take a picture with the phone at 13mp.

Look at the resolution of that picture. In the phone or your computer.

You see the resolution is 4160x3120 which is in fact 13megapixels.

Doesn't matter what some app says

  • Carlos

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2013On December G2 will get 4.4KitkatThat's only a rumor. Three nothing official yet.

If you're going by that French website, they already changed it and now it reads "no planned update" in French.