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  • Anonymous

I presume all of you, like myself, stumbled upon this page while researching Note 5 Alternatives. The only detriment with this phone is the lack of fingerprint reader and of course S-Pen.

What on earth is Samsung thinking.

  • Kent

couldn't agree more! Note 5 is bye bye.

  • Lee

Please give us a stylus!!!! The note 5 stinks!

  • bye samsung

SandMan, 15 Aug 2015If the spec's is true this is my next phone. And note 4 will be ... moreLG will be picking up a lot of x-note users. Samsung's loss.

  • ossy

No removable battery, no Micro SD = No Samsung...

  • AnonD-196068

The Note 5 is a complete joke. It has a smaller, non-removable battery and offers little more in real performance terms that the Note 3, let alone the Note 4. Best of all, of course, none of the Note 3 or Note 4 accessories will work with the Note 5. Then to cap it all it won't be available in Europe this year. Then add in that anyone in Europe who is coming up for their 2nd anniversary of getting the Note 3 on a two year contract, will have no upgrade path within the Note range other than the Note 4 and that is questionable upgrade especially after it being out for almost a year. Let's not also forget there is also a question mark over whether there will even be a 128 GB version too. Then add in that Samsung's track record for updates is attrocious and by comparison LG is far better why would anyone in their right mind go with Samsung any more?! It wouldn't be so bad if at least there was an S6 plus but no only the S6 Edge+. All in all the whole scenario is a joke! This phone, if true, will leave Samsung standing in a mess entirely of its own making.

  • Anonymous

I don't believe the processor info..From what I have read the processor isn't ready yet. It will likely have a ....Snapdragon 808(sighs from the crowd) Hopefully the big battery for the big screen. ...and a 27mp camera? I'll guess reality will be 21mp. All this still in an over priced range that covers the Note 5.

  • AnonD-429932

All Samsung had to do was add 64 bit processor to the note 4. Instead all they did was supersize the S6. Bye bye Samsung - enjoyed it while it lasted. Here I come LG. Neverthought I say that.

  • Skippy

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015Note 5 blows this out of the water m8LOL, the note line is dead. The note 5 is the biggest mistake any phone with features will be better in comparison.

  • SandMan

If the spec's is true this is my next phone. And note 4 will be my last samsung phone.
Thanx LG

  • AnonD-197210

AnonD-429568, 14 Aug 2015If the batteries removable, I will be leaving the Note range. No... morethat's absolutely possible...

  • Gabe

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015Note 5 blows this out of the water m8Im here looking at this because the Note 5 is a disappointment. Bigger display, better camera, bigger battery... still has the SD card option... probably wont completely sell out and pretend to be an iPhone. They took the power user phone and... did dirty things to it :(

PS, I have a Note 4, had a Note 3 and 2.

  • ScottInWinterHaven

With all the talk about LG removable batteries in all the Top of the line phone. There is one major draw back yes it's convenient to access to the back compartment to change out a dead battery on the go and install a micro SD card if your phone gets stolen and 3 of them have the first thing the theif will do is strip it. You have no hope of ever tracking it because the battery, Sim card, & valuable Mico SD card will all be removed. With a locked in battery at least you might find it by satellite even if the device is turned off. With Lookout App they will every regret stealing a device that they can't remove a battery. Google needs to do a heck of a lot more to keep thieves from wanting stealing smart phones where it become a useless brick and thieves can't sell them because they would be useless.

  • AnonD-429667

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2015Note 5 blows this out of the water m8Clearly, you did not see yesterday's announcement. The Note 5 has no removable battery, no SD card, no IR blaster, no waterproofing, and a smaller battery than even the normal LG G4. The Pro is far superior in all aspects, except possibly price, which we won't know for another month or two.

This is unfortunate, as I really wanted a replacement for my Note 3, but upgrading to the Note 4 seems pointless this late in the game, and the Note 5 is a step backwards from the 4.

  • AnonD-429640

The LG Pro blows the new Note 5 out of the water! Removable back to change out batteries and sd card storage...both things that the Note 5 got rid of. I was sooooo disappointed!! I'll be upgrading from a Note 4 to the LG Pro.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-398763, 13 Aug 2015This one's going to cost Samsung millions. It has all the specs ... moreNote 5 blows this out of the water m8

  • AnonD-429568

If the batteries removable, I will be leaving the Note range. No note for Europe and no 128gb version. LG could have a winner here.

  • Anonymous

Rey, 14 Aug 2015For the first time in a long time I'm considering another phone ... moreMe2

  • Rey

For the first time in a long time I'm considering another phone over samsung after what they did to the Note 5. Could the Note 4 may be the last great phone ever made by sammy? Stay tuned......

  • AnonD-419875

Agree. LG have a chance to offer a real killer device. Something no one has offered to this point (Note 4 was close). Something that embarrasses Samsung in their own back yard - 5.7"+ phablets. My note 4 is my last note as the new note 5 offers nothing. In fact its a backwards step.
If the G4 is anything to go by, I cannot wait to buy the pro.