LG G4 Pro/Note tipped to come with a plastic body and removable battery

George, 03 September, 2015

A rumor was started earlier this year, that the G4 might not be the company's true flagship for 2015. A metal-clad super high-end model was mentioned six months ago, and then resurfaced in rumors a few months later, but is yet to materialize. Both the G4 Pro and G4 Note monikers have been heard, depending on who you ask.

A new report out of Korea has made its way to us despite the ongoing expo craze at IFA and aims to refute some of the previously available info, but also adds a few new details. Most notably, it's said that the metal build has been abandoned, in favor of a plastic one. Apparently, the all-metal body clashes with the user-replaceable battery, and now it has become top priority, thus overriding the initial design.

LG seems to be the only big-name manufacturer who is sticking to user-replaceable batteries for its top models, now that Samsung has gone for sealed cells even on the Galaxy Note5. It makes for good PR statements to be the only one offering a feature, any feature. LG arguably has the most important one, so it's understandable to exploit it to the fullest.

The company's characteristic rear control layout will reportedly make its way to the G4 Pro, though. Certain sources have pointed to its demise, but now it's back on the table.

You should have in mind that all of the above is strictly word of mouth with no tangible evidence to support it, so the potential LG G4 Pro remains a mystery.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-436712

i used samsung s1, note1, note3, & lg g3 phones, they are plastic, but its not a big deal for me as long as they can handle shocks

  • Anonymous

I consider the "ultra mega hyper high ppi" displays to be another useless "premium" feature. Not to mention they are still too thin with not big enough batteries. So removable battery and sd card is not enough.

  • Ben

I hope LG sticks to their guns and ignores the trend to make the so called "Premium phones" with the useless sealed battery and lack of memory upgrade options like Samsung did with the useless Note 5 and S6, pretty isn't useful once the b...

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