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  • G5 user

Anonymous, 22 May 2016HTC 10What ht 10? Come on ht phones is stagnant while LG is innovating every year and still a trailblazer...

  • Dan

Best phone I've ever used I'm a big fan of LG smartphones. Upgrade from G3

  • The dan

AnonD-539843, 21 May 2016why the fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk is 2800mAh!!!!! can you explean it to m... moreIt last longer then the G3 and that's 3000amp

  • Anonymous

mariaayash, 21 May 2016LG G5 or Samsung s7 is better? I'm planning to buy a new smart... moreHTC 10

  • G5 user

You cannot judge thr book by its cover, if we talk about phones its G5 that has a handsome functionality and practical specifications...

  • AnonD-539843

why the fuuuuuuuckkkkkkk is 2800mAh!!!!! can you explean it to me? i'm using G2 with 3000mAh why should I buy G5 with 2800mAh Oo

  • Anonymous

Bought LG G5 and returned it after few hours. The display is super dim, nowhere close to the claimed 800 or 900 nits. I guess it's about 300/350 nits max at full manual brightness. Automatic won't give you more indoors so the phone is useless. Got Galaxy S7 instead and the screen is amazing.
Too bad of course, because except the display G5 looks great and there is a replaceable battery which was one of the main factors to buy it in the first place.
LG - stop using these crap IPS displays and move to AMOLED or try to use something similar to Sony's IPS, I've got Xperia Z5 Premium and it's IPS is much brighter than the crap in LG G5 (Max brightness on manual again).
Before you start screaming that the light burn your eyes - remember that we are all different and each got his own needs, I need an bright screen - yes, even indoors.

  • mariaayash

LG G5 or Samsung s7 is better?
I'm planning to buy a new smart phone but I can't decided which one I should buy

  • G5 user

AnonD-46560, 20 May 2016Battery below 3000 mAh for a premium phone in TWO-THOUSAND-SIXTE... moreit's enough for extreme use, it can stand 1,5 day.

  • AnonD-539668

One of the best amazing phone as compared with iphone 6s and Samsung ...The quality of the phone just Wow..even the battery last more than a day .....Just luv it....G5 the Best...

  • AnonD-46560

Battery below 3000 mAh for a premium phone in TWO-THOUSAND-SIXTEEN?? Are u kidding us LG?

  • Bencika


been using the LG G5 for 2 weeks now.
I'll start from the design- like the aluminum finish, but it's not that premium (regarding the price), the part where the module goes is a bit wobbly and makes a click sound cuz it's not quite firmly secured and as you put it on up towards some light you can see the light through the phone (where the module goes)
the one thing i dislike ALOT is that they moved the volume buttons on the side exp. it's a bit harder to take pictures single handed (yea i know that i can use the volume button but i have a feeling that my phone would slip every time and i got huge hands so size is not a problem), and the power button is a bit wobbly and click-y.

battery life- well it sucks, when i unplug my phone in 7am, im using bluetooth (maybe 2h a day), data, wifi, sync on, moderate use, screen time 2.5h with auto on at the end of the day it's barely alive. while on my old lgg3 that was running on kik kat 4.4.1 i had like 40% left (marshmallow killed my g3 didn't even made by 4pm)

camera- just love it, ofc can always be better, just missing the smart focus feature

speed,lag etc. - well haven't notice any

I upgraded from my g3 to g5- not sorry, but hope that they're gonna make an update to save battery and a feature to kill all bloat (lg health exp).

  • Lilwalter

Today LG gave an update for all those "android lovers" who wanted the apps menu back. Thanks LG but no thanks you did a great job on cleaning the interface. So long loving my G5.

  • Anonymous

Which contries get dual sim LTE SD820? Price? Not available on mine, tq

  • AnonD-325712

Wide angle camera on g5 is more practical than p9 black and white.

  • time mechanic joshi

It's a great phone. I like it more now adays since the my sprint one is little hindrance for fbi/cop hailstorm technology to get hold of. I like the display a lot, and design---aside from the ridged edges that aren't spotless perfect. And I love being in control of a phone that my cop buddies cant get into; hurts their ego, I think. Invincibility is a word for power!

  • Uppercut

My thoughts and opinions so far after playing with this phone for the past month:

-Fits in my hand just right. LG G4 was too big.
-Dual camera gets those wide shots you can't get.
-Camera takes crisp shots.
-Stock LG software is comparable to HTC almost in terms of functionality.
-Settings area is well organized.
-Lack of bloatware.
-Everything is customize-able.
-Messaging system can hold 40,000+ messages without freezing or lagging to much.
-Fast Charge 3.0
-Swappable battery.
-Can take a micro sd card upto 200GB's

-Dim screen. Bad in sunlight.
-HTC used to have this function that made the screen brighter in their HTC Amaze 4G when the camera was on. You're taking pictures blind in sunlight with this one.
-Can't make it through an entire day without having to recharge the battery. Usually 2/3rds of the day.
-App drawer is missing (I don't mind it)
-Having trouble syncing 1300+ phone contacts from google sometimes. Hit or miss.
-Annoying drawer system to eject the Micro SD card/Sim card. Requires a needle. Don't lose the needle.

  • Akshit

The best of all smartphones, love u LG guys, Gr8 job, S7 won't be able to get a big hand in market this time.

  • AnonD-538484

Samsung and iPhone just want you money
But LG want to innovate. In this world of boring phones lg have given us a breath of fresh air top marks lg

  • AnonD-538484

Stop complaining about the battery life all phones are pretty shit but this can be fully charged just BT swapping out what you moaning about.