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  • mek

Alanzim, 14 Dec 2015PLEASE LG, made this phone smaller! I can´t stand anymore ... moreBigger size = More comfortable
Smaller size = Too many negatives
Phone screens: Why Bigger Is (Almost) Always Better

-Camera and photos – A larger display won’t improve the pixel quality of your photos but it will definitely improve the composition.
-Video-chatting and Face Time are better, since the whole point is to make you feel like you’re actually there.
-Games – You can follow the action more easily and the larger screen also means your accuracy will improve, since it’s easier to see where you should be tapping. Also, icons are more spread out, so you’re less likely to hit the wrong button.
-Speaking of spreading out, that larger screen means more accuracy with your touchscreen on and offline. Whether it’s the keyboard or closely packed URL options – think Facebook’s -Tag Photo, View Full Size, Make Profile Picture – all crammed together, bigger definitely translates to more accuracy.
-Movies – If you’ve ever tried to watch a video on your phone, this one is self-explanatory. We don’t go to the movies for the grossly overpriced popcorn; we go for that giant screen.
-Split screen display. Users can download an app enabling split screen functionality, allowing you to view two apps at once.

  • Anonymous

PLEASE LG, made this phone a bit bigger! thx

  • pishva

LG please put the 4000 mAh battery in G5 please please please
everyone wants that
U read these comments certainly
Im waiting to purchase this assume phone

  • AnonD-428852

Wonderful phone .
This is my first option .

PLEASE LG, made this phone smaller! I can´t stand anymore a smarphome bigger and bigger... Long life to LG G2 with your small size.

  • ThanosB75

I just can't wait to purchase LG G5 when it will be released with such characteristics!!!!!
The MOST important for me will be a Mobile Phone from LG with Snapdragon 820 SOC and only that! When this will become reality I will GET IT ASAP!!!! Moreover, Congratulations to LG that continues to have in Both LG G4 & LG V10, micro sd card expansion slot, removable battery, rapidly astonishing improvement quality to all their Flagships!!! Congratulations for the Quality Respect that LG shows to their ALL their customers!!! JUST CONTINUE LIKE THIS!!!

  • ICE

With a 5.6" screen I can't hope for more than a 3300mAh battery. It's simple, if you don't want to be disappointed then you have to be realistic, I won't be surprised even if it stays at 3000mAh as in the G4.

  • AnonD-42603

..and for the love of God, I hope they make the battery at least 4000 mAh.. I am really irritated with my G4's battery performance

  • AnonD-463876

Anonymous, 12 Dec 2015You will need a giant fap-hand to use this phoneLmao!

  • AnonD-463876

LG never disappoints with the specs, it's the price and battery life that I'm more worried about. And 5.6" is an odd screen size but w/e at least it's not 6".

  • Noel

Was very tempted to buy the V10 but decided to wait for the upcoming 2016 series of devices..the G5 is definitely on top of my list. I decided to buy the Note 4 as ago to phone before i buy the phone i want comes along.
My wish specs for the G5 adding to some of the already rumored...a 4000+mAh battery removable and fast charging will be a plus, front firing stereo speakers will be nice, a screen to body ratio upwards of 77%, sure candidate is the SD820, QHD screen amoled preferred, improvements to the V10's camera, and much much more

  • Victor

When it's release date ?????????? What is the price ??????

  • AnonD-475625

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2015wow gsmarena!you mean that? only 2mp camera?Typing error only my friend....its 20megapixel not 2megapixel

  • AnonD-475625

Ibrahim, 11 Dec 2015In my option this cell-phone need to have two sim card like LG-4... moreno its not....it consume more battery power when dual simcard

  • AnonD-244086

i want to buy lg g3,i think with g5 here g3 will getting even cheaper

  • Anonymous

You will need a giant fap-hand to use this phone

  • Anonymous

Can LG not make a 5 inch flagship phone? They're getting bigger...

  • AnonD-197902

There is an error. It should be 20MP not 2MP in specifications. I thought LG was going all HTC on me for a second lol.

  • pishva

its my next phone if has micro sd support and 4000 battery
will be monster phone 5.6" display 820 cpu 4GB ram, infrared bluetuth 4.2 , 20MP camera IOS laser focus , iris and finger print sensor , . . .
go head LG and do not us disappointed

  • Anonymous

please put 4000 mah battery lg.