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AnonD-650583, 06 Apr 2017Yeah I recommended a G5 to a couple of my older co-workers just ... moreThe love mei case for the G5 does make the phone heavier and obviously a fair bit wider also and as for the finger print scanner it is easily accessible but it isn't covered up with anything by the case itself and it also doesn't rainbow the screen at all.
The protection capabilities of the case are exceptional and I can easily use my G5 in heavy rain and the case also stops dust and dirt from getting inside it,my G5 looks as new as the first time I took it out of the box.
I definitely recommend the G5 love mei case.

  • Kshitij

When is Lg G5 indian versions are getting nougat updates ??😢😢

  • AnonD-632294

I'm really heartbroken because I miss the G5 chubby cat..... And I don't even have a G5 but the cat is so cute and they didn't bring him back with the G6

  • AnonD-650583

Mr Grey, 06 Apr 2017I have been using my G5 nearly 5 months now and for me I have ha... moreYeah I recommended a G5 to a couple of my older co-workers just for the camera set alone. They have new grandkids. Awwwww... ;D They were scared to change from apple but the one that got one I showed her how to adjust accessibility settings and she loves it now.

On and can you tell us a bit about that waterproof case? Like I seen it eBay but no real review there. Is the fingerprint button sealed away? And how much fatter is the phone with case on? And does the screen "rainbow?" I had a defender otterbox for my G4 and it had a rainbow sheen from the screen protector and I couldn't stand. Thanks ;)

I have been using my G5 nearly 5 months now and for me I have had zero problems with it but I think I'm one of the lucky ones to be fair and I just wish it had a bigger screen and it would sound as good as my HTC 10 but everything else like battery life is excellent on nougat for sure.
I also have mine synced to my Samsung gear s3 smart watch and it works great with that to so overall I would recommend the G5 and sure I could buy a Samsung s7 Edge or the new S8 when it's out but the ability of removing the battery on my G5 makes it shine cause I know after a year on those other phones the battery would be knackered but not on my G5 when I replace it.
As for build quality I keep mine in a love mei case so it's protected against all the elements,using my G5 in the rain is great,who needs a Samsung phone...

  • AnonD-650583

Issues with g5, 04 Apr 2017Initially when I bought it, it was perfect.. Soon I started faci... moreMy issues so far from end of Sept '16:

-lightbleed on 2 corners noticeable when watching video in dim lit room. I think it got worse because now I see a bit on the edges in dark. Unfixable. That is horrible for a flagship and my biggest complaint.

- screen ghosting. Annoying after image of notification bar or YouTube video seen in dark areas of image on screen. Easy fix by using a blue light filter. Annoying to use a 3rd party app but meh. Fixable.

- when playing game RP watching video 100% heats up but never to point of crash or cannot hold b/c of heat. Max bright 75% and no problems. Unfixable but Meh. To be expected.

- when using quick charge heats up from 2% to 20% then cools off. Meh. To be expected. But fixable by using swappable battery or Normal charger, no heat.

- battery clip-in not as tight as when first got it. Meh. I change battery quite often so probably worn down. Battery has not fallen out and okay fine b/c the most useful modular design of this phone: that the bottom piece is cheap to replace. Problem with speaker, charging port, mic or battery clip? Problem with all above? $20 all in one replacement part. Cheap and fast. Good work LG.

-spilt beer on power button and had to replace. My fault but no issues with button since. Fixable. But reason I want water resistant phone again. My Moto g4plus took a dive into a puddle and never had a prob in 6months usage with it.

-headphones not as loud nor rich as my old g4. Unfixable but Meh its okay b/c I use Bluetooth headphones.

Other than lightbleed, still love my G5. ;D

  • Ci

Have my lg g5. Returned to to the store before because of multiple issues like bootloop, no signal bars, and overheat. Have the phone already and the phone is working fine. Only the screen retention issue still remain. But still loving the phone. Have to love coz ipaid for it for Php 29,000. I dont mind the screen retention issue. Phone is snappy with 7.0 nougat. Battery life? For me is just fine. Awesome phone still.

  • Anonymous

full charge when i went to bed last night. up at 9 am, did nothing but set reminder and check couple texts. around 12:230 i was going to mute. phone went to "flashing" lg home page. said battery was too low to turn phone on. as i was on way out door, grabbed my charger. 3 hours later, no change, still can't turn phone on! is only like a month old! not a happy camper!!

  • Issues with g5

Initially when I bought it, it was perfect.. Soon I started facing problems in the phone..
- there are severe burn ins on the display, I see letters from messenger n other text stuck on the screen even aster closing the app.. that's the most annoying thing about this phone.. I hate bad displays.. N the thing about these burn in are that they don't stay back.. They vanish after a while..
- the phone heats up like crazy.. even while doing mild tasks like watching YouTube..
- fingerprint sensor is not accurate
- while in some apps, phone just freezes.. when I press the home screen button to close the app it shows a white halo effect around home screen button n doesn't close the app for a few seconds.. Just freezes..
- Many time I can't receive calls coz the phone freezes when someone calls.

So many such issues in such a high end phone did not expect that from lg..

  • Hsalfy

AnonD-86274, 28 Mar 2017hello does any one know when LG G5 will get nougat in baltic region?Same here in Estonia waiting for Nogat 7 .

  • Alex Flockhart

Bought my G5 about 6 months ago, and even with gentle care the phone is malfunctioning and falling apart. Problems I encounter:
- uneven backlight especially when screen is dimmed
- burn in severe enough that I can read the letters on a keyboard that has long since disappeared
- volume down button doesn't work and frequently lowers volume to silent (happens when back of phone or bottom module is touched)
- power button doesn't work half the time
- loses GPS signal even with full view of sky
- overheating on side of phone containing motherboard
- camera auto exposure doesn't work, habe to switch to manual and increase/decrease exposure
- loose "module" at bottom of phone, 1mm gap between parts
I did choose the G5 because I liked the idea of an easily replaceable battery, speaker and usb port (which is to their credit a great idea), but find myself with buyers remorse and not able to afford a decent replacement.

  • AnonD-250258

Rakesh, 24 Mar 2017When the Indian variant G5 will start getting Nougat ?I already updated my g5 to nougat on 1st march, it has bugs. My current software version V20E-IND-XX

  • AnonD-650583

Mr Grey, 29 Mar 2017I have been watching lots of videos regarding the Samsung S8 and... moreYeah I absolutely agree about battery. I love my G5 despite its flaws and actually made use of the camera more than my G4 due to wide angle option and selfie 'flash'. 2nd battery came in handy to swap out when ran out of power using camera.

That said I think I may just get the S8 as an upgrade. I don't actually think the G6 is the upgrade I want since battery life is only about 18% better than my G5. After going with g4 and G5 I think I will go back to Amoled especially if its a sealed battery.

But that said I just can't give up my G5 just yet and will most likely keep it as a backup phone.

I have been watching lots of videos regarding the Samsung S8 and S8 plus but even though I really like these phones I do admit in a way my G5 is better simply because I can remove the battery inside it.
Sure I could spend close to £700 for a S8 but come close to a year after all those fast charges the battery in the S8 will be knackered whereas in my G5 I can simply replace it.

There's a lot to be said for replaceable batteries compared to the sealed phones.

  • CommandanteFidel

Hi! İ cant find FM radio in menu, can you describe where is it pls?

  • AnonD-656946

JOSH, 27 Mar 2017Is it true according to what i see on gsmarena that the lg g5 ca... moreOnly with an approved Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 charger.

  • Savor

APPLE USER, 27 Mar 2017this is amazing ! is it true that the lg g5 charges 83% in 30min... moreNot quite. More like over 60%. The trickle charge for that last 10% takes awhile but mine charges at 75 minutes or less. The pack-in charger is excellent and charges faster than what my Pixel and S7 edge came with.

Don't believe the reviewers paid by Samsung. LG G5's usability is far superior to S7 edge and the camera has an advantage for being excellent in all lighting conditions and wide angle. S7 edge's battery is also a smudge better. Only my Pixel could be more fun to use thanks to its fluid software and touch response. Both have fewer weaknesses you can live with compared to the overrated, overhyped, overpriced S7e.

  • AnonD-86274

hello does any one know when LG G5 will get nougat in baltic region?

  • AnonD-650583

JOSH, 27 Mar 2017Is it true according to what i see on gsmarena that the lg g5 ca... moreMeh. More like 55% in 30 mins from my experience. Gets to 100% in 75 min for me from 2%

  • That Guy Too High

JOSH, 27 Mar 2017Is it true according to what i see on gsmarena that the lg g5 ca... moreYes l have it myselfit charges to 68% in 25 mins