LG G5 in video shorts: cameras, selfies, batteries and storage

Peter, 21 February, 2016

Unless you had an invite for the LG event in Barcelona today, you haven't had the pleasure of handling the LG G5, not until April when the phone launches.

We know it's not quite the same, but here are a few short moments of what it's like to live with a G5.

First, the wide-angle lens, part of G5's dual camera setup. The phone actually snaps photos with both, so you get one 135° and one 75° photo.

The camera has manual controls, which allows people with photography skills to dial in just the right settings.

Of course, an important class of photos is selfies. The G5 has only one selfie camera on its front (unlike the V10), but it's an 8MP shooter.

With all those photos, the battery will start to run out. No worries though, you can just pop in another battery.

And storage won't be an issue either, this problem is solved with plug and play too.


Reader comments

  • innovation!

here's the start of something new for phones... a modular type is now emerging... the rest would better follow... I think in my opinion, they are upgrading more on the hardware side...

  • Anonymous

You're so right. Just like the new iPhone 5se is gonna be a downgrade from the iPhone 6s. We gotta stand together against these companies going backwards!

  • Anonymous

...and - FM radio

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