LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ

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  • Zack

The notch virus makes me sick.

  • AnonD-739791

This phone was cancelled, so while it can be put on the rumor mill, I strongly doubt this phone or any derivatives will ever be released. Personally I'd rather wait a few years for a flagship with great, practical features and an original, timeless design rather than follow trends. My G3 had every feature I'd want in a smartphone, save a Hi-Fi DAC. I think LG should continue to promote the V30 for a few more years, as it's more phone than people would ever need, along with having premium design(but not my favorite) and great features.

  • AnonD-733422

Only Lg put MIL STD-810G.Also there is IP 68 and gorilla Glass 5.For protection this is best flagship smartphone on the market.Btw Lg v30 and g6 have this also and that is great.

  • Anonymous

It is PATHETIC that LG can't innovate or come up with something without just simply copying the other guy! They deserve to wither on the vine and die as a company!

And here is another phone with a notch. Anyway I don't really have a problem with it, if the display is at least 6 inches.

  • Devil

This looks pathetic, who do you copy LG?

  • Anonymous

I hate notch.

  • Rees

Wow very very nice design.....the ugly is the price hahhaahaha

  • Anonymous

Really disappointed seeing LG go to the ugly notch trend.

  • AnonD-683167

Why LG?????


whats wrong with these companies notch here notch there is so ugly come on this going way too far apple started this crap and now others are following lg has a lot of things to be fix but no they rather follow other companies that already have their fame lol....

Tisk tisk. Can Vivo hurry up and make their notchless prototype phone a reality already to show all these silly companies how it's done.

  • AnonD-744334

Without oled screen this phone will be a big disaster

notch again? oh well, I'm still hoping for Motorola Moto Z3