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LG G8X ThinQ

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  • 07 Sep 2019

YUKI93, 07 Sep 2019The Dual Screen accessory for the G8X definitely harks back... morebut lg g8x is much cheaper than v50 5g

    The Dual Screen accessory for the G8X definitely harks back to the days of ZTE Axon M. Definitely looking forward to this phone.

    But compare this to the V50 ThinQ 5G, there are some notable difference mainly with the screen and the camera. They both 6.4", but the V50 is 1440p while G8X is 1080p. Also, the V50 camera is a wide/tele/ultrawide combo, while the G8X is a wide/ultrawide combo. Tough decision here.

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      • 07 Sep 2019

      Does it have FM radio?

        Its funny that most of those trash talking comments come from people that never used an LG phone. Once u have actually used it u will have right to judge it, just like with everything else. What u guys are doing is just trash talking, not judging, by stating that, ur "opinions" are completely unimportant.

          Josh V, 06 Sep 2019LG will always be a trying hard company to level with Samsu... moreObviously you have no experience with a newer LG phone. The LG G8 is an awesome phone and the LG G8 X will probably be even better

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            • LEi
            • 06 Sep 2019

            this device is really good who cares the 2nd screen this device will have a stellar battery life being oled with 1080p+ display and 4000mhp this might be my next phone

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              • Ash123
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              • 06 Sep 2019

              I think a dual screen case is a good idea. Seems will be possible to buy the g8x in a bundle or just the regular g8x.
              I'm not sure if this will make the base g8x more expensive because the technology involved but it's great that the phone has this capability.

                I honestly think this is the best phone LG has ever made. Let me explain: LG tried to fit everything that ppl want nowadays in it and is still keeping it simple. Its not the best of best, we dont see the 12mpx f/1.5 sensor on it or telephoto, it doesnt have QHD+ display... This phone has fit everything all the new phones have. It has an in display fingerprint sensor, it has a huge 4000mAh battery, a FHD OLED display, it still has a Quad DAC and a jack, it has an improved front facing camera with 32mpx, they gave us back the original ultra wide angle camera from LG G5 with 136 degrees, a 12mpx f/1.8 with 1.4u sensor with dual pixel (it should do really well in low light even if it's f/1.8), the option of getting a secondary display, an alternative to already overrated foldable phones that are failing one by one, are too complicated and unpractical. Ppl are worried about battery life? Well, most likely it will be good, afterall, u have 2xFHD display, both OLED, and both together have just a bit more pixels then a single QHD+ display on V50 or V40. Its not like u are gonna use 2nd display all the time, right? In the end u have a choice, u can buy the 2nd display or not, u are not forced to use it and spend 2000$ on it. U can have it with u everywhere or just leave it at home, its practical.

                  Good specs but probably will be destroyed by poor software. As people said, lg has the worst battery life among phones with similar spec, and has slow os updates. With it's mobile department losing money, i have no hope they will get better tho. Sad.

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                    • CxA
                    • 06 Sep 2019

                    Since i live in Europe, i m not very optimistic that this model will come here. We will probably get a downgraded version of it here or not get it at all. LG has a terrible marketing strategy when it comes to worldwide availability.

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                      • 06 Sep 2019

                      Hdhd, 06 Sep 2019Lg always make good phones except for the low battery life!... moreRumors say it wil cost 949 euro. With the dual screen.

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                        • 06 Sep 2019

                        Josh V, 06 Sep 2019LG will always be a trying hard company to level with Samsu... moreYou probably have never used an lg flagship. Their products are solid, especially the v30 was excellent. With this phone LG is ticking all the boxes. A great phone. Only downside is, LG is never in a hurry to bring their phones to Europe. One has to be patient.

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                          • 06 Sep 2019

                          Lg always make good phones except for the low battery life! Only phone that have good battery life is v30. The g8x looks promising. Hopefully the price is under $800!!!!!

                            finally I am excited about an LG phone again and this a legit full package without that stupid wide notch with some great improvements and besides the slow updates I don't see any other drawbacks, so this is my next phone, can't wait for it

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                              • Nick slotter
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                              • 06 Sep 2019

                              Big Sony and LG fan here.
                              They just cant compete with xiaomi and samsung,
                              Then they decide to compete with apple ?!
                              Prices of these phones (G8x or xperia 5) will be like buying 2 k20 pros or 1.5x s10e.
                              I just cant. I will buy s10e and take my wife to mega expensive dinner on a cruiser than buy these phones.

                                finally, lg has packed a good battery, a good procesor, good screen, headphone jack-fm radio, quad dac, camera combo, + the gimmik with the screen... now question is : how much and when will it get to european market. . my next phone (after the lg v30+). bravo!

                                  Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Bootloop problem solved?Rubbish.... Samsung and Apple also bootloop dude....

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                                    • 06 Sep 2019

                                    perfect smartphone for me

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                                      • 06 Sep 2019

                                      Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Bootloop problem solved?Yes, it is solve. Have u ever try G7 or V30+?

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                                        • 06 Sep 2019

                                        Josh V, 06 Sep 2019LG will always be a trying hard company to level with Samsu... more5 years behind? what you mean? like...not removing 3.5mm jack?
                                        and do you even know LG phones have wide angle camera more than 3 years ago, and Samsung recently adopt it? And Lg also adopt Quad Dac quality audio faster than Samsung.
                                        Also, don't forget about MIL-STD-810G compliant which Galaxy doesnt have.
                                        I am using 2 LG smarphones and its fucking awsome. Still rocking my v20
                                        What makes you think so? I think you are a paid reviewer from Samsung...or super hardcore fan.