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  • Guinzo
  • KiV
  • 13 Apr 2017

Best phone ever!!!
Even now is 2017

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    • Anonymous
    • Nv$
    • 10 Apr 2017

    its just a perfect phone. though its software upgrade failed. however, i recomend its batery, camera its size and curved style makes it the best phone ave had. with 32gb and 2gb ram, i always can compete with the latest models of the Samsung

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      • AnonD-650881
      • snP
      • 08 Mar 2017

      Best phone i had so far. But at this moment I think should I buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or LG G6...

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        • ruly
        • 27 Feb 2017

        i would like to know why LG does not make an update to Android 6.0 or 7.0 if the phone have the hardware to support it.

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          • RAM
          • 8qV
          • 21 Feb 2017

          inext, 19 Jan 2017How updating my gflexLG flex battery 10/10 camera 6/10
          Note 3 battery 7/10 camera 8/10

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            • zack
            • fsT
            • 15 Feb 2017

            AnonD-585956, 19 Jan 2017LG G Flex sl995 vz3 3g or 4g not supported or no icon H+ ... moresame here

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              • Changs
              • fsT
              • 05 Feb 2017

              AnonD-585956, 19 Jan 2017LG G Flex sl995 vz3 3g or 4g not supported or no icon H+ ... moreI tried to search for radio but i can't find it please help me

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                • AnonD-585956
                • KIq
                • 19 Jan 2017

                LG G Flex sl995 vz3
                3g or 4g not supported or no icon H+ or lte
                sir plz hlip
                I load new software but not supported

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                  • inext
                  • 956
                  • 19 Jan 2017

                  nkwama, 07 Sep 2016Which is the best between LG G Flex, LG G3 and Samsung Gala... moreHow updating my gflex

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                    • Anonymous
                    • B{f
                    • 09 Jan 2017

                    Had my g flex for getting on two and a half years but been looking for a replacement since Christmas because it has an intermittent problem with dead area on screen.

                    Unfortunately for me i havent managed to find a new phone that stands up to the g flex, and believe me ive tried!!

                    Phone shop staff look at my g flex in disgust and then trot out all the latest flagship phones, but they just dont cut it. I ask them to show me a device which has the same screen real estate and battery life, whilst also being pocketable, but they cant. Devices which are significantly smaller than my g flex actually feel much bigger in pocket and cant provide anywhere near the level of useability i get from my flex.

                    You can keep your fashion statement phones and ill keep my functional device thank you very much, even with a random dead patch on the screen.

                    Speaks volumes to just how good a device this is!!

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                      • ols
                      • NuU
                      • 28 Dec 2016

                      I can not find the APN settings function on this LG G Flex phone. Is it only my phone or the phone only works with Wifi?

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                        • Shayan
                        • KIX
                        • 24 Dec 2016

                        Which vr support lg g flex 2 ?

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                          • Zypher
                          • 6Qi
                          • 17 Dec 2016

                          newton, 11 Jul 2016go to settings---> networks---> tethering & netwo... morethe option of APN Settings is not available on my LG Gflex2 nor does the cellular setting option what should I do? please guide

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                            • candddyman
                            • sbR
                            • 25 Nov 2016

                            this is the best phone I have ever owned I bought it used / refurbished it never gives me any trouble fits perfect in my back pocket if it were a little lighter it would be my last phone but I wont replace it till they make it lighter

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                              • AnonD-277917
                              • a3E
                              • 23 Nov 2016

                              hi . my phone model is D955 but no has any 4G network for select !!!?? can a guys help me ??
                              please view this screen shot

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                                • AnonD-610535
                                • 6c7
                                • 16 Nov 2016

                                this phone was the best phone i ever had. i owned lenovo a7000+, xperia z1, samsung j7 2015 before i had G flex. if u want buy another smarthone i really suggest this phone, its big battery and big screen but the cons was lg g flex just using android kitkat and no more update, if u want to upgrade to marshmallow u can root it with other website that provide root tutorial but it will void the warranty

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                                  • jen
                                  • jBu
                                  • 02 Nov 2016

                                  dickless nicholas , 21 Oct 2016why is it curved i dont understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?... moreIt is curved as a precaution to protect the screen. If you drop it face down the screen does not hit the ground unless there are rocks or other items of that size. It is also curved because it is flexible. I have sat on amd stepped on mine against the curve and its fine. I have had it 3 years.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • ypc
                                    • 31 Oct 2016

                                    AnonD-585956, 29 Sep 2016hello My LG G Flex in NO 4G Lte connected how problems or S... moreDail 3845#*958#, then. LTE settings, Lte. Random settings. LTE auto connect

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                                      • dickless nicholas
                                      • Qcf
                                      • 21 Oct 2016

                                      why is it curved i dont understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!??!

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                                        • AnonD-277917
                                        • a3D
                                        • 17 Oct 2016

                                        AnonD-585956, 17 Sep 2016plz sand me LG G Flex sl995 zv3 software android 6.0 marsh... morei send email to lg for update g flex to android 5 , but i dont undrestand why g flex dont update ... any g flex model didnt update to new android fimware ...