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  • kassim

I have been using this lg pro lite 686 for past one year up to now but I always gets problem with accessing 3 G Network with my phone

  • AnonD-417578

Yellow, 12 May 2015I have this phone and I can't send or receive multimedia me... moreI use at&t and have no problem with sending or recieving multimedia messages.

  • Miguel

Very nice phone. And easy to use.

  • AnonD-404493

I have been using LG G Pro Lite D686 since the last one year. My comments as under:
1. Large 5.5" screen (but its difficult to operate this phone with one hand and also its too big to fit into a pocket)
2. With only 1 GB RAM, it cannot perform multitasking smoothly. For example, we cannot play high end games like Asphalt 8 or Need for Speed without experiencing lags. Need at least 2 GB.
3. Heating issues when playing games and playing videos on Youtube.
4. Just 1 Ghz dual core processor cannot perform tasks smoothly.
5. Even if you wipe off all the applications from your phone using CM Cleaner, the RAM in use will still be 60%.
6. Power lock key not functioning so well.
7. Front camera has no clarity. Rear camera is very good.

The only few good qualities in this phone is the 3140mAh battery, 5.5 inch screen (clarity of video is good).

  • AnonD-394754

Renie, 08 Oct 2014Where can i get a cover for my LG G Polite phone,because i'... moreI've been looking everywhere too. I think you'll do better by just ordering one online.

  • Yellow

I have this phone and I can't send or receive multimedia messages. I've triple checked the settings, and have contacted the phone company and went into t-mobile to see what the problem might have been but it still doesn't work. Does anyone have this problem or know what I should do to have it fixed?

  • bhavit

This is the worst phone i have used in my life after taking this phone lg g pro lite i thinking i have waste my money this is not good i have shown this phone 4 tym in service center time
this is not a good phone this is my humble request not to buy lg products n i.am also.leaving lg product which does not give proper service which we pay for

  • Graz

Is there any way to turn haptic feedback on? I really like this phone, but no haptic feedback when pressing one of the soft keys (back / menu) as well as when typing on the on screen keyboard is something I really am missing.

  • mostafa

lg life is ok

  • yo

HIRAN , 28 Jan 2015Camera's are very. Bad..lg sucs to all phones low cost


Camera's are very. Bad..

  • Whemz


Speed = HSPA 7.2/5.76 Mbps

Can any body explain to me how slow/fast this is?
According to your experience what can you tell about its data speed? Im buying this phone I need to know bout your the speed. Please reply, ASAP.Thanks.

  • al

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2014I want to buy a phone with large display , for gaming , hig... moreNot for high tech gaming, everything else it's ok.

  • d.k raj

Dayyan, 19 Nov 2014After updating my phone with the kitkat firmware, the phone... moreBetter u use original lg charger becz every company charger & mobile have different amp current.if u ve lg charger then recheck your battery in lg care.

  • juandiraction

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2014I want to buy a phone with large display , for gaming , hig... moreNo get lg g pro e980 is has hd display and a snapdargon clocked at 600 1.7 ghz quad core

  • sd

Ali Jo0oN, 26 Nov 2014Hi guys Could you help me ?! Is writing or drawing wi... moreit good

  • Ali Jo0oN

Hi guys

Could you help me ?!

Is writing or drawing with this phone's stylus pen satisfying , Or it acts just like a finger ?!
How about G3 styles ?!

If I want to buy one of them just for "Styles" , is it wisely ?!

Thanks a lot ...

  • sss

Previously i had same issue after update to kitkat. Just reset your phone and see problem will be solved

  • Dayyan

After updating my phone with the kitkat firmware, the phone is extremely crap. Battery life sucks, it freezes time and again. Will be downgrading my firmware soon to Jelly Bean again. Kitkat not the smartest move i have done.

  • AnonD-126040

Does anyone know the speaker volume, expressed in dB ? thank you