LG to introduce Vision AI with refreshed V30 at MWC 2018

Yordan, 13 February 2018

Back in January, Korean media suggested a new LG phone with AI capabilities will arrive at MWC 2018 and today LG confirmed it in a press release. The manufacturer will introduce Vision AI for smartphones in Barcelona, and the technology will be featured in the 2018 version of “LG’s most advanced flagship smartphone to date” - the V30.

LG to introduce Vision AI with refreshed V30 at MWC 2018 LG V30 in Raspberry Rose

Vision AI will automatically analyze objects and recommend the best shooting mode among eight options: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset. The tech will take into consideration angles of view, colors, backlighting, saturation level, and reflections. The suggestions were developed after analyzing more than 100 million photos and creating over 1,000 unique image categories for an accurate analysis.

LG-exclusive voice commands are another strength of Vision AI. Working together with Google, the Korean company is upgrading the list of voice commands to 32 were saying a specific chain of words will launch the Image Search, scan QR codes, take Panoramic or Food photos. Until now only 23 cues were available, including “Take a selfie video on a wide angle” or “Open camera with Graphy”.

Another boost is measuring the brightness of an image in a dim environment for a more accurate low-light shooting mode. Vision AI will also analyze an object that you point the camera at and will suggest shopping options with prices and similar products.

Ha Jeung-uk, Senior VP at the Mobile Communications division in LG said “the future for LG lies in AI, not just hardware specs and processing speeds”. “Creating smarter smartphones will be our focus going forward”, he added, suggesting we might see the tech implemented in the upcoming LG G7 too.


Reader comments

  • AnonD-731363
  • 15 Feb 2018
  • SH3

As long as LG television departement earning billions they will stay in mobile world as well. LG makes greatest and just the best TVs. So their phone division can fading like for example HTC but they will stay insztead of HTC for example which ...

Such a useless dicisions, this all AI hype is way to exaggerated, every company offers some AI experience and they all do the same not something unique. It's completely overcomplicates experience, you have to remember 32 commands and is completely gi...

Mostly LG must solve the LG G6 screen redemption,lightleak and ghost screen with cameras wrong focus point softwares, also v30 has the screen problems too....

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