LG K4 (2017)

LG K4 (2017)

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  • Siga Inkweto Hanze

I have this LG Phoenix 3 phone but i can't find network mode (3G or LTE) all i see is disable 2G which make my network lost completely! i am strugglingto know where i can switch to 3G

  • Anonymous

Ro, 02 Mar 2021It's fast enough for web surfing,calls and sms are ok,... moreWhen i open my LG-VS425LPP it reguest me about software setting and it does not open.

  • Ro

It's fast enough for web surfing,calls and sms are ok,but it allows 1 app at a time maximum.There is no space for any more apps unfortunately

  • Anonymous

cpu [MediaTek] MT6735

how you say qualcomm

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Apr 2018Dude, those numbers are off by a multiple of more than 2. ... moretrue, the processors and OS are fairly old... OS mostly thats up to whoever wants what
but the processors, the ARM cortex, seems like they're used in tons of different devices, including something like the NES and SNES classic made by nintendo
It doesn't really matter if the processor is old, so long as it works within the companies budget in making the product
comparing this phone to the LG K4 2016 model, there are differences that this one has best

  • Sakku X

darren1, 07 Feb 2019Junk phone 1. Drains Battery very fast 2. Slow to charg... moreNote: this phone is MEANT to be low end. for quick uses, texting, phone, maybe music & images, etc
sure you can install other apps, but its very limited, and not meant for such big uses

  • Sakku X

Robert_321, 04 Apr 2018This is a 5 year old OS running on a 10 year old hardware. ... moreThis device is meant to be low end btw
its for people who can't get enough cash to buy higher end phones, but need a device to stay connected to friends, family, and etc
Its for short uses

  • Sakku X

This little phone is perfect if you are short on cash, and need a new phone
Using it for Texting, phoning, images, music, and even some games are playable (the 1gb ram still makes it limited to what it can and can't. app ex. Dino people crashes on load, Boom beach and Clash of clans lag but are playable, Rise of Berk Hangs at certain parts, etc)
However, make sure you get the 16gb model instead of the 8gb. Android 6.0.1 (aka marshmallow) takes up to 4gbs of space, meaning the 8gb model is very limited, even with expanded storage
Would 100% recommend as a temporary phone, and there are similar phones like this one but with slight advantages, like ram, higher resolution, space, features, etc

  • Anonymous

I can only recommend this phone to people who just need a cheap phone for the most basic of tasks. That being, calling, texting, surfing the web, and if you're willing to expand the storage, listening to music. For those tasks, I have no complaints.
Many apps and games will barely work because of the limited ram, and the internal storage will fill up almost immediately. Making the phone very sluggish and unable to handle much if any multitasking.
The camera is passable for the price range, though I never did record video with it.
As a backup or just for work phone it's fine, you can reply to emails, take calls and quick pictures, it'll get those tasks done, but you are getting exactly what you pay for. I had it for a year in college when I needed a phone but couldn't afford a nice one, it got me through the day. I would not recommend this as your daily use smartphone unless you truly cannot spend anymore on a phone, or you just plan to use a phone for the mentioned simple tasks.

  • jimlg

yes is okay for what it costs. The 8gig internal fills up fast, so used SD card as extended memory.

  • Anonymous

Can lg k4 2017 m151 model be up graded to 4G

  • Debby14

darren1, 07 Feb 2019Junk phone 1. Drains Battery very fast 2. Slow to charg... moreSame complaint. The phone is just bad

  • Redmond Valman

Not bad for a cheap phone. Does what it's supposed to do, and also gets 70Mbps download speeds.

Junk phone

1. Drains Battery very fast
2. Slow to charge.
3. Low storage
4. freezes

LG used to be good phone but now very bad.

  • Isma'il Rais

My LG Fortune(cricket wireless) don't support 3G and i didn't why. please what is the solution. Thanks

  • Pipers Place

Slow, yes,But for beginner, is a start.Will go to another device once have learn how to work the k4 for now.

  • OvyVan

This phone it's way to slow .
It's charging also slow and the battery don't last to long.
I paid like 90 $ on it but i think it's not worth even 50 $.
Waste of money .

  • brigsy

small insufficient memory,keeps asking me to delete applets ,and will not move anything to the micro sd card,would not recommend

  • AnonD-488397

Nice mobile..fois. Autonomy

  • Zoki

I recently bougth 1 for my mum.
Well actually I gave 2/3 of cash.

Anyway,Croatian tele operator VIP Net is giving it for 549kn if ordered via their WEB shop.
549KN=74€ or 91.5$.
Also,Sycell 5000mah Powerbank for Android and iPhone divices is included in that price.
For 480p screen,picture isn't terrible.
For everyday use like phonecalls,textmaseging and some simple games it's excellent.
As for camera and 480p screen,pictures and details are surprisingly good.
Offcourse they are no match for my LG G4 16Mpx camera with 5.5"1440p screen,but that doesn't matter at this price point.
A person that will use it has no need for high performance top of the line phone.

Watching Youtube on 480p screen with 195ppi isn't an amazing experience.
I lowered the resolution of my LG G4 from 1080p to 480p during some video in order to match max resolution of this screen.
Except that 480p on 5.5" screen is 178ppi compared to 195ppi of this LG K4 2017 phone.
Even so,my LG G4 absolutely destroyes this LG K4 2017 when it comes to bright colors in Youtube videos.

So I don't recommend it for multi hour livestreams or whatever,but for ocassional short sessions,why not?

It has everything a phone needs.
Al the basics are covered and work great.
Well above my expectations.
I was a bit worried,fortunately it's better than I excpected.

If something happens to my LG G4,since I can't afford another LG G4 or anything similar,I would very likely buy 1 more,for myself.👍