LG K4 (2017)

LG K4 (2017)

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  • 04 Apr 2018

Robert_321, 04 Apr 2018This is a 5 year old OS running on a 10 year old hardware. ... moreDude, those numbers are off by a multiple of more than 2.

As of this writing, the OS is slightly less than 2.5 years old. When the device was released the OS was admittedly already one version out-of-date.

The processor is 4 years old now, and it really was already getting is long in the tooth even when the phone was initially released. Kind of disappointing that it was unchanged from the previous year's K4 (2016) K121 model.

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    • Robert_321
    • 8}I
    • 04 Apr 2018

    This is a 5 year old OS running on a 10 year old hardware. its like buying a windows 8 pc with 512mb of ram.

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      • 3q$
      • 02 Apr 2018

      I dont know why u say the phone Shuts down itself
      Just dont install soo many apps
      Install Facebook Lite(uses 11 MB ) instead of Messenger and Facebook
      and dont install high demanding games on it.
      Its made for basic everyday use,not gaming.
      Front Camera is great for selfies,back one is okay but nothing special
      Battery is great it lasts more than a day( I installed Activity Launcher and deactivated KnockON)
      Display is not amazing but it functions well.
      I came here because my Charging Port does not work properly
      I got some dirt in it and when I cleaned it with thin plastic now it only charges on ONE of my chargers(i lost original charger),and I was wondering if any of you got the same problem.Thanks

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        • AnonD-749020
        • 4A$
        • 02 Apr 2018

        Honestly they should rename this model the LG pos . I will never buy another lg phone after owning this for a week. it was a waste of 135 bucks including taxes and it will seriously make me reconsidering ever buying any LG product. it badly skinned and I truly loathe it after a week of owning it .

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          • MkAk
          • LwZ
          • 01 Apr 2018

          Anonymous, 18 Mar 2018Do mobile legends work on this phoneNope

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            • 7Xa
            • 18 Mar 2018

            Do mobile legends work on this phone

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              • Cxp
              • 07 Mar 2018

              Kencherno, 13 Nov 2017The 8 GB ram is not enough to run this phone with Android 6... moreYa mine keeps deleting apps without letting me know and then when i need them they're gone and it shuts off randomly on me it is a stupid phone

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                • Jayziieee
                • Ji@
                • 19 Feb 2018

                pez., 13 Feb 2018there is a fingerprint sensor? nope

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                  • pez.
                  • nYT
                  • 13 Feb 2018

                  there is a fingerprint sensor?

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                    • AnonD-731041
                    • 3SS
                    • 16 Jan 2018

                    Notice to all future buyers of LG mobile phones and current users.
                    I bought an LG-4 H815 Smartphone on 11/06/2015.
                    In October 2017, days before the warranty period expired I went to the main LG dealer in Portugal; a company called Worten where I reported that the cell phone warmed up loading and blocked frequently. I was advised to buy a new battery. A few days later the phone went out completely, with the warranty period expired.
                    I was directed to LG Portugal where they informed me that it would not be possible to repair for lack of spare parts.
                    They sent me the broken telephone and without any other solution, as the possible exchange for another model. I am sure that this will be happening in other countries and on different continents. They just don't care.

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                      • Kencherno
                      • kWG
                      • 13 Nov 2017

                      The 8 GB ram is not enough to run this phone with Android 6 which takes up almost 6 GB. The phone constantly run out of memory and can not update any apps. Just think about how many app you can install with the remaining 2 GB. It is a cheap phone but not functional

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                        • AnonD-714384
                        • xIY
                        • 08 Nov 2017

                        the guy, 02 Sep 2017My friend owns the K4 2017 and yes, it does work for Instag... moreYes

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                          • AnonD-714384
                          • xIY
                          • 08 Nov 2017

                          AnonD-701946, 20 Sep 2017I also have to keep deleting messages in order to get new m... moreYou can go in your settings and click on apps and you can disable a few oraginal apps on the phone you dont use and make more storage

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                            • AnonD-712846
                            • Y2g
                            • 03 Nov 2017

                            What I like
                            Speed and Ram are ok, it's not powerful, but it's enough,
                            Radio runs well,
                            GPS is accurate,
                            Wifi and Bluetooth have a good range

                            What I doesnt like
                            Not enough space! SD card is used as another drive but wont extend your internal storage. Of course you can move your apps to the sd card but they will move back by themselves on the internal storage on each update! This is totally annoying! Each day this phone warns me for full storage beacause one of my app has updated.

                            If you dont want to manage your storage each day, dont buy this phone.

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                              • Jezza
                              • nG2
                              • 31 Oct 2017

                              I've had this phone over a month and I am very pleased with it. Its a no frills fairly basic phone so don't expect too much. However, if you're a low user of data then this phone is ideal. It does all the required basic functions. Storage space isn't great so if you're wanting to do filming and photo shots then I suggest you get a phone with more memory or buy an additional memory card. If you want lots of apps stored on the phone you will find that emails for example will not update. I did get rid of a lot of unnecessary apps to free up space so the phone performs well. I recommend this phone because its reasonably priced and worth the money I paid for it.

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                                • AnonD-710726
                                • cUv
                                • 26 Oct 2017

                                AnonD-701946, 20 Sep 2017I also have to keep deleting messages in order to get new m... moreThey all show up in internal for the App Icon and Settings...

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                                  • AnonD-694779
                                  • rjZ
                                  • 01 Oct 2017

                                  LG LGX230F
                                  (LG K4 2017)

                                  This phone has some basic OS features. However this is to make sure the RAM is not depleted.
                                  My benchmark is always running Star Wars Force Arena, and I have no issues.
                                  The power button is at the back of the phone, under the camera which I really like as this phone is different. The power button is not at all clulmsy to the touch so no accidental power downs will occur.

                                  Camera: My model is 8MP back and 5MP front.
                                  HDR imaging, Auto Focus.
                                  CPU: 4x ARM Cortex-A53 @ 1.09Ghz
                                  GPU: Mali-T720
                                  OS: Android 6.0
                                  Screen auto adjusts to the area you in. ie, brightens in places with lots of light.
                                  Battery test: no sim, wifi on, location on - Duration 12 hours: 9% battery drained.
                                  Playnig 1 hour of Star Wars Force Areana - 40% battery drained.

                                  I really am enjoying this phone. I give this phone a 9/10

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                                    • AnonD-701946
                                    • 7A1
                                    • 20 Sep 2017

                                    AnonD-701946, 20 Sep 2017LGK4 fkin sucks for memory! I hate it. And this is the 4th ... moreI also have to keep deleting messages in order to get new messages! Or delete data and apps in order to play music on my Google play music. I have an SD card and my apps are in there but it's still showing its in internal storage? Dumbest phone.

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                                      • AnonD-701946
                                      • 7A1
                                      • 20 Sep 2017

                                      LGK4 fkin sucks for memory! I hate it. And this is the 4th time I'm restarting my phone to send a message in messenger. Ready to smash this garbage phone.

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                                        • AnonD-699295
                                        • NUw
                                        • 11 Sep 2017

                                        Anonymous, 03 May 2017Recommending a Xiaomi device? You're taking your chances - ... moreThank you!