LG K92 5G

LG K92 5G

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LG finally made a non-p35 phone
the design is terrible tho

  • AnonD-955407

Finally Snapdragon 6 in K Series

  • dgg

wow running the latest greatest android 10.... you will be on 10 forever

  • Arod

like it finally has a snapdragon chipset but DAMN
first phone i ever seen with a flash away from the cameras

it will be better if the camera size is the same and flash with it

  • Anonymous

Q: how to stand out from the rest of good looking smartphone?
A: make an ugly one

The features are good. But 5Mp ultra wide camera is very low.Lg should have provided at least 8MP ultrawide camera and a 24MP front camera, a larger battery capacity,higher refresh rate and a smaller punch hole.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-832645, 29 Oct 2020This phone is intended for US market. Xiaomi phone not pres... morethey better sell it just in US

bcuz in UK , Spain, germany & whole europe
MI 10T LITE 5G already exist
for example in uk & spain sell
229Pound UK
249euro SPAIN

even in online stores like ebay...Mi 10t, MI 10t pro u can find them
they have GLOBAL ROM

  • Kujtim Zymeri

My God that camera looks so ugly.

  • Anonymous

Just out of touch with the actual industry.

I can see this LG being a direct competitor to the OnePlus Nord N10 5G. This LG has a 3.1 Type-C instead of 2.0 Type-C in the OnePlus, but the OnePlus has a larger battery capacity at 4,300mAh compared to this LG's 4,000mAh.

  • Anonymous

why not put that selfie camera in the middle of screen
isn't better
u can call it new innovation & new design

  • phonepro

Much better than LG K61. To begin, everything is great. Finally a snapdragon processor, more ram along with Quickcharge. The hole punch camera shoud be in the corner and the fingerprint under display. An O-led screen would be nice at 90hz and a 5000mah battery wouldn't hurt either. Also a thinner aluminum frame would be nice. Add these features and trust me you'll have an awesome smartphone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good luck LG and kick ass!!!

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020Looks decent enough. That punchhole placement is awful though.They might as well had placed it dead center of the screen. LG haven't been able to come up with a decent design in a long time.

  • Anonymous

Looks decent enough. That punchhole placement is awful though.

  • Man

Good but why put useless piece of camera sensors

  • Anonymous

Not a handsome device☹️

  • AnonD-832645

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2020Mi 10T Lite 5G SD750G 6/64 249EURO compeletly have bett... moreThis phone is intended for US market. Xiaomi phone not present in US.

  • Anonymous

Mi 10T Lite 5G
compeletly have better situation bit by bit


  • Anonymous

i swear they are getting payed to make weird looking phones

Por camera setup, no oled display, no 90 - 120hz
Very spensive