LG KC550

LG KC550

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  • Priesh

violent Pacifist, 01 Aug 2008Hey guys, been away so havnt been available to help anyone ... moreHey - You can get the usb driver for the phone from LG's website.

  • violent Pacifist

Hey guys, been away so havnt been available to help anyone looking at this phone
Ive just started making a video to show people round the phone, should be up by monday
the battery life is medium, easily outdoes the 'slim-sliders', but no challenge for some of the SE music phones and panasonics.
Can only record 30fps at low quality, so honestly unless your doing something really fast, its better to have the higher quality at fewer fps
Finally, would it be possible for someone to tell me if the phone needs usb drivers from the disk to connect to a pc. The phone has randomly started to refuse to register on my laptop, and i appear to have lost my LGsuite disk. If someone could send the data off the disk to me i would be very grateful!

  • Bapix

How is the construction? And the keypad? It is made of cheap plastic. Does this phone feel cheap? Thank you + Regards

  • David

Anyone know where i can download more games/apps for this phone?

  • cihan from tr

thanks micheal

  • Michael

the battery is very good....you can listen to music,make photos,etc and it wont drain your battery fast...it is a very nice and good phone with great battery life

  • zzzcheuk

The Box label state Video Movie is 30fps. But I can only reach 15.15 fps, any body known why? Yhank

  • cihan from tr

hows the battery life boys tell me pleas

  • cihan from tr

pleas tell me baterry life only i want good or bad

  • cihan from tr

what is the BATTERY life pleas tel me maybe im going buy this telefon

  • Anonymous

panosgr, 28 Jul 2008hello could someone who owns this phone publish a full vide... morehttp://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=kc550+lg&search_type=&aq=f&locale=en_US&persist_locale=1

  • Evans

panosgr, 28 Jul 2008hello could someone who owns this phone publish a full vide... moreerm hi im going to be getting the phone and im only 11 years old so i might not make a video about the phone but maybe i can just show the phone and the specifications but not talk coz im crap at mouth reviews.

and how many mp3 songs can you put i hate polyphonic ringtones there crap

  • panosgr

hello could someone who owns this phone publish a full video with it on youtube so people like me which have no experience with lg phones take a taste of it. some things i would like to see is all the sides of the phone including the charger hole, where is it? and the right side of the phone ?
and a full video with its menu options
thanks in advance!

  • blah

its about 2580HKD

  • blah

hows the battery life Alan

  • Anonymous

Yeah thanks for the analaysis on your Sony Ericsson phones, Alan, even though you are clearly supposed to leave a comment about the LG

  • Alan

I don't use video much but can record in full resolution ok. Not sure about frame rate, will check on pc later. I have never experienced specific text email issues on se phones but i did go through 3 k750's in a year and 5 k800's the following year due to faults in everyday use such as rebooting, switching off, non functioning buttons, joystick failure, non functioning camera cover etc. Then had nokia n73 and n95 which were better but still had little faults. Personal experience tarnishes opinion i guess

  • Anonymous

but i have to say that my friend has this phone and picture quality is better than in any other phone

  • Anonymous

Alan, 25 Jul 2008Have had this phone for about three weeks now and am seriou... moreyou experienced texting and e-mailing problems while using SE phones ??? I use them bt never had such a problem

  • Goran

Alan can you record in 30fps?
or can anyone else record in 30fps?
Because im only get to 15fps.

Really be happy for an answer :)

You can check fps by open the movie in quicktime player (on pc) and press ctrl+i.


i own a kc550, my question is why i only get 15fps
when it says 30fps @d1(720x480) on the front of the box?

what is wrong? is it some setting i must do first?

sorry for my bad english :)

please give me a answer.