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LG KC550

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  • Alan

Have had this phone for about three weeks now and am seriously impressed. Camera is superb (much better than my wife's Samsung G800 and at least as good if not better than my old N95), media player is good, customisation is excellent and most importantly as a phone it is almost perfect.

Texts, emails and calls are all handled perfectly and day to day handling is way above what I've experienced with my previous phones (SEk750i, SEk800i, Nokia N73, Nokia N95).

Has some really nice well thought out touches to the interface which make a nice difference. In my humble opinion this phone is an absolute bargain and would have a price tag twice as high if it had one of the other brand names on its casing.

I'm not easy to please and don't often post on here but if you have doubts about this phone they'll be banished within the first day of ownership. All I need now is for LG to put all of these nice tweaks and touches into a smartphone so I can also replace my ageing Palm Treo 750 aswell.

To the guy / girl with the SEK850... I have not tried a K850 but I have had a K750, K800 and W880 and although I liked the sonys I think I'm now an LG convert which is a big suprise as I bought this because my N95 kept rebooting and I have a mate with a chocolate and another with a shine (and now a secret) who swear by them. Personally if I had a K850 I'd sell it, get this and then spend the weekend in the pub with the money you'll make.

And no, I don't work for LG, I'm just made up to actually own a phone that does what it says on the box and not do what it says on the box sometimes when it feels like it and isn't freezing, rebooting or crashing!

You decide but I wouldn't swap it for an N95 and £50 cash!! High praise indeed!!

  • Goran


i own a kc550, my question is why i only get 15fps
when it says 30fps @d1(720x480) on the front of the box?

what is wrong? is it some setting i must do first?

sorry for my bad english :)

please give me a answer.

  • Tania

If you are looking for a 5MP touchscreen + regular keypad checkout LG's new SECRET phone. I haven't tried it out.. but it looks really nice!

  • David

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2008Can you browse music tracks by searching through artists, a... moreYes

  • Anonymous

Can you browse music tracks by searching through artists, albums etc?

  • Sean

I'm looking to buy this phone, i currently have the sony ericsson k850i, would you all reccomend the LG KC550?

  • pimp

kirt, 20 Jul 2008It cant be true- 720*480 and at 30fps- almost HD? OMG well ... morethis is hd
1920 x 1080
not what you say lol

  • David

kirt, 20 Jul 2008It cant be true- 720*480 and at 30fps- almost HD? OMG well ... moreIts not true thats why - i can only get 15fps max or am i missing something?

  • kirt

It cant be true- 720*480 and at 30fps- almost HD? OMG well done lg :)

  • Anonymous

Video are good for a low rang phone like this, but only 3gp and 15 fps meaning blurred and jerky. Definitely will go for Secret

  • violent Pacifist

also have some piccys from the trip which show some features.
-waterfall with vivid greens.
-cathedral cavern, dark
-swan, quick shot of moving animal
-b&b, evening shot and zoom
-sheep, full zoom

  • violent Pacifist

Some more vids from my geography trip to the lake district....
-panoramic video of red tarn in the lake district
-another video of red tarn, arial
-video of another tarn near our hostel, panoramic.
Most other vids are with mates and i'd rather not post, but if you want view from car or sports or something, i'll see what i can do

  • Andrei

Can you whach movies or clips on it in the DivX format like on Secret or Viewty, or you can just record in this format???

  • Stefan

violent Pacifist, 13 Jul 2008to contradict one of my earlier comments, the phone in fact... moreYes if it is possible to put up anymore videos on www.mediafire.com then can you? We would all appreciate it considering your one of the only people who seems to have this phone.

  • Anonymous

and by similar I mean function wise not looks

  • Anonymous

well basically I really like the KF700 but its only has a 3 mp camera and I've heard the sound 'could' be louder and I really wanted a touch screen and the U990 looks really good but the KF700 is the 'newer' version of that and I wanted to know if there was asnother model of phone that had touch screen and a good camera (5 mp) and a keypad...

  • blah

i dont have this phone but i definitely noe that this phone is NOT touchscreen. How similar are u talking about? Camera-wise, size, form-wise, etc???

  • Anonymous

Is this a touchscreen? is there a phone similar to this that is a touch screen? asl what is the sound like in comaprison to other LGs?

  • violent Pacifist

to contradict one of my earlier comments, the phone in fact lasts 3 days if you let the battery go all the way down. Just used it on a school trip to the lakes, so i can put the videos up if you'd like an example...

  • violent Pacifist

Im reasonably geeky, but if it is possible to make the video better, i dont know how. If u want a particular type of vid, please request. I will place on youtube and mediafire for access. contact me at a_stuart@hotmail.co.uk