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LG KC550

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  • priesh

Yeah it can do 720x480 video. Just bought an 8gb microsdhc card and it does not work with the phone. A 4gb microsdhc however works fine.

  • G

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2008The highest video rec resolution of KC550 is 720x480 (D1). ... morethanks for posting this info, can you say if this phone supports 120FPS video like the LG Viewty?

  • Anonymous

The highest video rec resolution of KC550 is 720x480 (D1). It supports VGA, QVGA and QCIF also.

  • jay

Only one I can say,
KC550 and Secret are perfectly same except it's covers.

  • Carrie

What is the highest video rec resolution?
Some web sites says it can record in 720 X 480 while others says it's the same as the Viewty's :640 X 480.
What's the truth?

  • Ron

The only critisism i would give is the fact that when you recieve a text message, it's takes about 2-3 seconds to open rather than instantanious.

Otherwise, this phone is absolutely marvelous. Far better than any other phone i've owned. Camera quality is superb and the flash works fantastic. According to LG's website it's a power LED flash rather than a standard LED flash. Well done LG!!! :)

  • blah

violent Pacifist, 28 Jun 2008One more note(sorry!) the camera feels just that bit more ... morehows the mp3 quality?
hows the battery life?
can the shutter sound for the camera be turned off??
is the shutter speed quick and responsive when taking pics?

thnx man

  • violent Pacifist

One more note(sorry!)
the camera feels just that bit more professional, because when the camera is activated the D-pad lights up with little images for flash, antishake, macro mode and image gallery. Its amazing how little touched like that can really improve how the phone comes across

  • violent Pacifist

For all those interested in this phone....
Bought the little gem on day of release in UK(thursday 19th), after 'borrowing' a secret for a day and deciding i couldnt live with the touch sensitive keys, as well as being too impatient to wait for the N85. It has replaced my D900 and i can say that it has done so well.
The memory of 25mb(shared) could have been a big let down, but the microSD cards are now so cheap and available that it doesnt really effect the useage(images and vids can be saved directly onto the card)
In your hand, the phone's weight is perfect, feeling bulky enough to give a sense of quality, but without ripping your pocket. The metal band and brushed metal lens cover really give the phone an air of style and make it look professional. The attractive and shiny keypad(similar to the chocolate's) can feel a bit uncomfortable, but is reasonable for touch typing. The navigation keys offer good response and are well placed.
The camera is perfect, remembering this is a 'budget' phone. The interface is clear and easy to use, and the quality of images and video is great. Though it drops the gimmicks of the Kf750, the camera is exactly the same!
THe UI is almost identical to the one on the KG800. Though i found the settings set up confusing(many sound settings have to be changed through 'profiles' rather than 'settings', it is generally easy to navigate and things are where they should be.
The phone supports java apps(though not 3D), so map software can be uploaded, as well as games. The M-toy is, shockingly, really good, though can arouse odd looks! The Media player is average, but will suffice(would prefer a custom Equalizer, and the ability to play music while choosing another song)
The my stuff file system is mildly irritating, but after changing file names on the memory card, this was fixed. The auto-rotate while viewing images can be hit and miss, as it appears to be dependent on not only if the phone is landscape or portrait, but also the angle at which the screen is relevant to ones body(though sometimes it works a dream :S)
Over all, this phone is, in my opinion, fabulous. Its mixture of intelligent cost cuts(no 3G, smaller inbuilt memory) and high class features make it a real alternative to the more expensive phones (like N95,G800)for those who want features without high price. Personally, i would say this phone is perfectly suited to the teenage market, and i would only complaon about the few little niggles i mentioned, and the fact that it can sometimes be a bit slow(but not as slow as the d900, especially when viewing files)

  • Brad

What a fantastic phone. Received it this morning from mobilefun.com. It's loads smaller in the flesh (the pictures make it look like a brick). Packed with features from a top end phone that would normally costs around £300. I would recommend you to buy this. Really smart looking phone, nice one LG.

  • JMO

This seems like an amazing little phone, I am suprised it has gotten almost no attention!?!? Its small and loaded with good features. I wish gsmarena would do a review on it! Theres so little information about this phone on the web its crazy.

  • DoubleR

Information about Nokia:

Nokia prepares for the competition becoming more sharply and develops its operating system Symbian OS to an open platform.

Nokia buys the remaining shares of the British Symbian-developer company completely for 264 million euros and introduces the software in an endowment.

This should be founded together with competitors like Samsung or LG as well as the mobile suppliers AT&T and Vodafone as Nokia informed on Tuesday.

  • Anonymous

what about xvid/divx video playing?

  • Anonymous

Cyn you turn the shutter sound off? The sound of the Secret is awful...

  • Anonymous

Priesh, 23 Jun 2008Hi - I've got the phone - got pre-prod off ebay last week. ... moreTurns out there was a scratch protector on the keypad - much better now i've got that off :)

  • Priesh

Hi - I've got the phone - got pre-prod off ebay last week. The phone is replacing my old Samsung D600. I wanted a phone that was compact but had a good camera and mp3 capabilities & was a good value, and hence went for this (as other new phones seem to be a lot taller than they used to be, for big screens i suppose).

The phone is pretty good:

The build is solid and it has a good weight to it. Easy to hold in the hand and open/close. The phone looks pretty masculine and most people i have shown it to appreciate the design.

The camera is pretty good, and the autofocus and IS work a treat. The camcorder capabiltiy is fine as well, same league as most other phones. You have to just slide the lens cover to start the app so you don't have to slide open the phone.

The UI is functional and looks good, but it is a tad slow sometimes to respond (e.g. opening an sms). Hopefully newer firmwares wil speed things up.

Music capability is good - you can minimise the mps player so it works in the background - there is no 3.5mm socket, so you have to have an adapter for the headphone/power socket it has.

The only app that it did not have which i miss is the countdown timer. Otherwise feature set on board is good.

The keypad is fine, but a bit too smooth for my liking, i'm sure i'll get used to it though.

The accelerometer is interesting - has a few games on board which utilise it, as well as some flash backgrounds. My little cousins loved the feature, not sure i would use it that much though.

Java games/apps work well - have loaded a few games on without any problems. 3D games are not supported.

Texting is a standard affair - only thing i dislike here is when you press right on the keypad it adds a space instead of jsut moving the cursor right (e.g. if you need to write 2 words directly next to each other you have to press left and then right). Only issue here is the responsivness which i have mentioned above.

I havent tried the microsd expansion as i havent received my card from Amazon yet...

Overall i would recommend the phone for somebody looking for a decent value compact phone with a good camera. The only con i would say is the sluggishness, but that may only be because i have a pre-prod phone.

  • blackks

i think its very nice

  • Thomas

blah, 17 Jun 2008he said OUTSIDE of Japan...read carefully first before repl... moreThanks "Blah"...

Some people just cannot read between the lines.. ^^

  • blah

Sea, 17 Jun 2008LG is not Japanese company, dudehe said OUTSIDE of Japan...read carefully first before replying, dude

  • Sea

Thomas, 12 Jun 2008"Still no 3G? are you kidding me? at least do good as iphon... moreLG is not Japanese company, dude