LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • Andrew


this phone is a touchscreen. Is it touchscreen quick response when you touch? I saw a review from other website shows that it is NOT a touchscreen, but rather a "press screen"

  • Anonymous

pleas help me , i buy a lg renoir last week , and i have a problem , i buy for the phone a memory card kigstone 8G 4 series,and when film in video mode at hiest rezolution the video have a lag 1 second, when i record on low rezolution or on the intrnal memory of the phone everithing is ok , what memory card should i buy? tnx

  • sju

I love this phone and all its features , can anybody help me with the MMS settings or browsers settings so i can view the web or send multimedia text


  • Samura13

Can anyone tell me what is the different between triband and quadband? and what is it supposed to be?

  • michael

sh, 19 Dec 2008Triband only>UMIT 900/2100, GSM 900/1800/1900 without GSM 8500Definitely triband, no 850. I can't get any signal from AT&T at my place. I can't blame the sellers on ebay and other places because they get the specs from the manufacturer. Even here at gsmarena shows this phone as quadband. Quite a bummer, because this phone really is nice, sad to return it and replaced with an Omnia which I think is equally nice.

  • Mike

Can anyone advise on how to get the full YAHOO site, instead of the mobile Yahoo site, the LG browser is defaulting every time to the mobile Yahoo site.
Great phone though!

  • Anonymous

its simple 8mp camera with xenon flash BEST actuallity phone!!! And i have Nokia n82 (better after this i guess)

  • sh

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2008Bear Bert This cell phone is really a quadband, even it wr... moreTriband only>UMIT 900/2100, GSM 900/1800/1900 without GSM 8500

  • Anonymous

dog balls

  • Shaman

This phone is a great phone! I was using a Nokia N82 previously. After getting this phone, i never thought a LG could be this good. U have everything in it. The 8MP camera is amazing. U can also edit ur pictures immidiately and got lots of tools to use. Although there's a little lag while opening a folder, it's still smooth. Sometimes when u unlock the phone from key lock, the lag makes it nice, like you see the image and the keys slowly appears. It's a great phone! Never regret getting this. My rating for this phone is 9/10

  • Ryan

Bert, 18 Dec 2008you say that the phone is really a quadband even though it ... moreI had to return 3 Renoir and it is def Triband....
Other my quadband phone work well where I live but renoir couldnt get any singal so it meaning def tri band phone.
I guess you better to move on other phone if you plan to buy LG KC910. I decide to go Samsung Pixon.

  • Anonymous

Biggster, 17 Dec 2008This phone is SUPERB !!! Had the phone for 2weeks now, wif... morebiggster,i also have this mobile for...2 days and my speaker blows in the most stupid and incredible way. also,the software becomes totally frozen when you open the cover of the lens and you try to make a photo/video,all these in the case when my sd card was only 80% filled,a 2 gb sd!!! i tried many times along the last 8 years to use diffrent models,only high ends from samsung,lg,sharp,panasonic. i was very open to try,i am not a "only nokia" stupid fan,but i must swear you that every time i sold that korean and japanese mobiles very quick and every time i turn back to a nokia symbian device,like a dog with the tail between his rear legs. nokia with symbian are simple the best overall. after my "renoir bad experience",i sit and wait only the promised "8 megapixel" from nokia. now i have a nokia n85 and it's excellent

  • Bert

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2008Bear Bert This cell phone is really a quadband, even it wr... moreyou say that the phone is really a quadband even though it says "triband gsm 900/1800/1900" on the box. can anyone back that up? Its hard to believe and please post some way to prove it. I have my heart set on this phone but every one I asked so far says triband is on the box. if this is true than all renoirs are quadbands even the ones that sell it as triband.

  • Anonymous

to all lg renoir owners, how is the video recording at max resolution. read a lot of review where the is a "pause" during recording.

also during playback, video and audio out of sync :(

pls reply.


  • ToUcHPhOnELoVeR

WOW! LG made a good phone here O.o! But the front page is not as organized as Samsung, mind you. And the price is very high too...

  • ToUcHPhOnELoVeR

Anthoni, 17 Dec 2008Hi everyone, quick question, is this compatible with Sky... moreYes, Anthony - Skype can be added, but its the 'How to add' that is the problem to most - Even when added, you cant use it properly.

  • Anonymous

have had mine for 4 weeks all i can say is:OUTSTANDING ! i was worried as my viewty had problems but the problems have been solved. much better look and feel and you can drag and drop your menu so you can personalise it! each day i find 2 things new !

  • Biggster

This phone is SUPERB !!!
Had the phone for 2weeks now, wifi easy to set up, camera is awsome, touch screen very responsive even with screen protector on, music is superb, dolby makes it better. I viewed and dithered between the renoir and the pixon... Pixon has a lesser useable camera, no wifi and a O/S that is less stable, even the ones in the shop crashed. My RENOIR hasn't dithered once from the day i got it !!! A NOTE TO ALL THE CYNICS... I use this phone for business as well as personal, the web is superb, all the system seems to be very stable, All i can say is Forget the nokia and samsung phones... Deffo buy the Renoir...

  • Ryan

Looking for LG KC910 Quadband? I gave up.
I had been looking for Quadband for 1 1/2 month
Check your self ---> http://renoir.lgmobile.com/
I have been trying to buy LG KC910 Quadband but No one have till now I found 2 country for spec. for Quadband which country are Belgium and Russia.
Do not believe Ebay seller or other seller(Anywhere), they dont even check what they have it for stock. I asked as many time for quadband before order and they told me they def have stock for LG KC910 Quadband but when I got Item it was Triband (out side of side box show spec) they dont even check they just want to sell. I had to return 4 times. Do not waisting your time anymore.
Anyway I am gave up with LG KC910 Quadband phone.

I WIll buy samsung M8800 Pixon. ^^;;

  • Anthoni

Hi everyone,

quick question, is this compatible with Skype, can skype be added to it if not already installed!.. would apreciate a reply, thanks all!