LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • Lavdo

Does anyone know any forum that would be useful with reference to LG KC910 Renoir. I hope they will post a new firware

  • Anonymous

if u have a lot of money and no where to spend, buy this phone and then keep in the drawer. although samsung pixon has no wifi but the h/w and f/w are a lot better that renoir.

  • Anonymous

Bear Bert
This cell phone is really a quadband, even it written GSM & 3 network frequency as Japan use only the 3G Technology & not GSM technology, also called UMTS/HSPDA 2100
I haven't this cell phone (not yet), but don't know which one I will choice between the Samsung Pixon or LG KC910 Renoir.

  • Bert

Ryan, 16 Dec 2008Hey guys I am Looking for KC910 QUADBAND(Cause I have cont... moreI had the same problem buying this phone off ebay. the seller kept insisting it was quadband, but it was hard to believe him because it said triband on the box. If you are successful at finding this phone in quadband pls post where you found it. thanx

  • Anonymous

artkicz, 14 Dec 2008Have kc910 for ~1.5month in 3 network. The phone is brilian... moreHow do I get skype running this phone

  • Renoir

Just got it today and i love it. It has lots of functions too and its user friendly.

  • Ryan

Hey guys
I am Looking for KC910 QUADBAND(Cause I have contrast with AT&T which I need 850).... I Bought 3 times at internet store but they sent me TRIBAND phone so I had to returnd 3times.(Everyboy say it is QUADBAND But when I got it was triband OMG I cant believe anymore).
Do you anyone know about where can I buy LG KC910 QUADBAND??????????????
should I give up and buy samsung M8800?

Please help me guys

  • LGE

N00B101, 16 Dec 2008Does it have tempered glass like the Secret? 3contracts say... moreNope. it is just 'glassy' plastic.

  • N00B101

Does it have tempered glass like the Secret? 3contracts says it does have tempered glass. If you take a look here: http://www.3-contracts.co.uk/lg-renoir-contracts.html you will be able to verify it. What I would like to know is if this information is true as I have not yet managed to obtain extra info on this subject. Thanks in advance.

  • n123

i got this phone since 4 weeks now i can say its a very good phone even the battry life is really good thing in this my battry last 4 and a half day even i listebn to music.the camera is amazing u can sign on ur own pic.its got digital frame on the screen,its also a dolby mobile man the first mobile with dolby sound its much better than nokia phone as nokia phone keep on freezing crap nokia.keep it keep up lg

  • artkicz

Have kc910 for ~1.5month in 3 network. The phone is briliant, OS very stable (no single crash!) battery life for this kind of phone is incredible (4 days with bluetoth and wifi use). my only complain is regarding a gps software, or should I rather say lack of gps software. Got also skype runing on it

  • Affliction

J, 13 Dec 2008The picture that you want to use as a wallpaper must be sav... moreMost phones dont allow wallpapers to be set from memory cards, its not just the Renoir. It wont allow it, because if the card is removed from the phone, the image cannot be displayed as the wallpaper, as its no longer on the phone

  • Anonymous

i had lg viewty
nokia n95
samsung tocco
out of all the list i love my new renoir which i have had 3 weeks recommend to anyone who wants a top touchscreen device.personally i prefer the look of the viewty but this phones interface is quicker.few cons:bad battery life
texting with QWERTY

  • Erik

Is it posseble too installate navigation tom tom our route 66

  • Anonymous

I have this phone and it rocks!! You're all just cynics if you can't see how great it is!

  • Pepsi

Looks like a toy phone.

  • LG KC910 retard

thx j its apreciated

  • J

Can someone help me with watching online videos while on Wi-Fi?

I don't have data service so I use Wi-Fi and everything works great except....when I try to view videos (youtube etc.) it will jump to the media player but then it will say "there is no internet profile. exiting.." I dont know why the media player thinks im not connected to the internet!

If anyone can show me how to setup my phone so my media player can use wi-fi instead of trying to use EDGE or 3G when playing videos online that would be great

  • J

LG KC910 retard, 13 Dec 2008i have a LG KC910 Renoir and a 8gig memory card when i want... moreThe picture that you want to use as a wallpaper must be saved on the phones internal memory. For some reason the renoir can't use pictures saved on a memory card as wallpaper :(

  • LG KC910 retard

i have a LG KC910 Renoir and a 8gig memory card when i want to set a picture to main screen no mater how many times i try it keeps telling me the memeroy is full can someone HELPPPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEEE