LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • Callum

I've got this phone, i'm no previous iPhone user so i cant compare it to that, but then the iphone is always going to have a better platform as its coded for the phone specifically unlike OS's like windows mobile, anyways, this phone is excellent, the camera is wicked, the sound quality is really good aswell, as a first time touch-screen user this phone is very easy to use.

  • Dave

can anyone tell me how this compares to the Samsung Pixon.
I'm due an upgrade and it is between this and the Pixon. any Preferences?
Also, how many messages does this phone hold (sms text messages)


  • Anonymous

some real user of this phone,please tell me how gps works: downloading maps on line in real time or you have a cd with maps in the e box or its memory has already some maps???? where are the maps for this device and what gps soft use????

  • Anonymous

Saying one will need more light when capturing high speed videos is enough. Talking about kW, f stops numbers etc is talking about stuff no one cares.

  • CR

How long can the voice recording function record?
if anyone knows that would be very helpful......

thank you....

  • 7doug

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970If you'd read the whole thread you would see that the discussion originated from me responding to someone who was having a problem shooting at 120fps with their Renoir. I don't think explaining the basics of how a camera captures light and how shutter speed affects that is irrelevant - in fact it may well have helped several others here understand why their video looks darker when they've been shooting high speed. Using a real world example (i.e. my work) was simply illustrating the point. If some people now have a better understand of this and have learnt something, then isn't that what these discussion are about? If you already know or don't care then fine - skip it and move on, but don't ask to take that opportunity of help or learning away from someone simply because YOU don't see the relevance.

  • 7doug

sh, 05 Dec 2008Hi DOP, which movies you have been shoot,indy, rush hour,rambo,b... moreIn fact, to illustrate what I'm saying with a real world example, yesterdays job entailed shooting both high speed and 25fps. My lighting was twelve 4K HMI's (48kW of light). On setting the cameras up lights are running at 50% the equivalent of 24kW and my stop is f5.6. When the lights run at 100% (for lineup) my stop changes to f8, and for the brief moment the cameras run the lights are ramped to 200% (96kW) and the stop is preset to f11. As you can see the stop has closed 2 full stops and the light has quadrupled (24 x 4 = 96). I rest my case.

  • 7doug

sh, 05 Dec 2008Hi DOP, which movies you have been shoot,indy, rush hour,rambo,b... moreOK, if you're so sure of yourself, go and do a test using your figures - if you shoot 30fps at f2 and try to shoot the same at 120fps at f4 you will get nothing but black guaranteed. You would need to open the lens two stops to f1 to shoot at 120fps, or increase the light four times to hold a stop of f2.

As I said before each stop is a doubling or halving of light, therefore moving two stops either way represents increasing or decreasing the amount of light by a factor of four. Three stops is a factor of 8, four stops a factor of 16 etc.

I have been shooting for eleven years across film, tv and commercials, and have shot 35mm, 16mm, and pretty much all forms of video. Currently I shoot on a Sony HDW-790P for standard speed, and Redlake and Phantom V series cameras for high speed - two to four cameras at a time (In fact yesterday I was using both camera systems)

  • jonesdude

LG no more, 04 Dec 2008Bought the phone mostly for the camera and VGA video capability.... moreI had the same video out of sync problems too. Tried three phones, all got returned. Had success in one of the wide resolutions, but all others were out. LG will not fix this, they will not release any updates. They'll just release a new phone. My mate used to work in LG software development UK. He said they could maybe report the errors to Korea (via France office) but there's no way they would fix it. Too busy "testing" the next phones in line.

  • feeltch

is it possible to have ms office documents editor on this phone?

  • sh

7doug, 05 Dec 2008Ummmm.... I'm a cinematographer too, shooting high speed every d... moreHi DOP, which movies you have been shoot,indy, rush hour,rambo,back to the future and or what band of 1000fps camera you used everyday,please confirm?

  • 7doug

sh, 05 Dec 2008Don't argue with me,I am a cinematographer./ I don't care you s... moreUmmmm.... I'm a cinematographer too, shooting high speed every day - 1000 fps. Each stop difference is a doubling of light or halving of light, therefore two stops is four times the original amount of light (2x2), or a quarter 1/(2x2).

  • sh

7doug, 04 Dec 2008No correction necessary - check the specs - video is recorded at... moreDon't argue with me,I am a cinematographer./
I don't care you shooting indoor or outdoor.
We say
30fps f2.0
60fps f2.8
120fps f4.0
two stops diff.
It means two times light you need to add not four tmies please note./thanks

  • Anonymous

Well I have try today this thing, it's lite, but it did not attract me much at all, because first of all with such big camera it must have a big screen in pixels to...!
The price was 477.00!

  • Anonymous

Zzzz, 04 Dec 2008I don't like Nokia so much , but you can upgrade the software of... morei totally agree - no way to do any sw upgrade by urself!!! u need to go to LG service and need to wait 2-3 days eventhough the whole process takes up 1/2 hr

will defn wait for Nokia 5800!!!

  • 7doug

sh, 03 Dec 2008Correction please 25fps normal 120fps 2 1/5 stop onlyNo correction necessary - check the specs - video is recorded at 30fps on this phone at VGA quality. I wasn't talking about f stops - I was talking about amount of light needed. If you want to keep the f stop and shutter speed the same to shoot at 120 fps you need four times the original amount of light. It would be correct to say that if you opened the stop on the lens (if that were possible here) by two stops you could compensate for the increase in speed and achieve the same exposure. My response to the original poster assumed that he was shooting indoors where the camera probably can't open another two stops as it's already fully open, and in this case you would need four times the amount of light if shooting at 120fps to achieve the same exposure as at 30fps the native shutter speed.

  • vvvvvccccc

do you have to go on internet to access gps on renoir ?

  • Zzzz

I don't like Nokia so much , but you can upgrade the software of your phone very easily just with an Internet connection. That is why i won't buy LG, there are NO software upgrade...You just buy a new phone !

  • LG no more

Bought the phone mostly for the camera and VGA video capability.

Camera is excellent in good light, but poor in low light (including indoors - even during daylight). Flash is poor, compared to SE phones.
White balance sensor is twitchy. Sometime fine, sometimes poor when tested under the same lighting conditions.

Sound in the video was out of sync at a various video sizes including VGA. At VGA size the .avi files captured on the phone and transferred to a computer contained no audio at all.

Tried two phones. Both were the same. Both have been returned.

Disappointing as there was a lot to like about the phone - but clearly there are problems with it at very basic levels.

  • Anonymous

do you think it possible to run ubuntu MID edition on it? because most of the specs match up.