LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • Anonymous

Good news, LG is recalling all Renoir phones. They have found major bugs and h/w problem.

  • Darren

jimothy, 10 Dec 2008I have this phone and so far I am not really disappointed. ... moreHey can I ask you a question?

- Does it have a password protected screen lock, e.g. when the keypad locks [I don't know what it's called on a touchscreen], can you set a passcode to have to unlock it?
Or is there 3rd party software for this?

  • Anonymous

this is a superb phone, i've read tons of reviews and 99% percent claim it's a very good phone.

oops...i am in the wrong channel - I thot i was in Nokia 5800 thread


  • Anonymous

battery lasts me 2 days wih heavy usage

  • Anonymous

This phone is awesome!! ive had it for a week now, every phone has its problems but so far this has been the most stable out of my last phones which have been:

N95, N95 8gb
Samsung Omnia
Sony Ericsson C905 & C902

all this phones listed above i had to return cos the screens either went blank and wouldnt start up or they kept restarting.

This LG Renoir is super for the price it was a steal. $550 Aus

  • Kewell

Is there any comment about battery for this LG KC910?

  • jimothy

I have this phone and so far I am not really disappointed.

The Headphone issue is resolved easily. There are headphones supplied in the form of a plug into the side of the phone which has a mic and volume control box on the other end. This also has a 3.5mm jack for ordinary headphones. Plug in and the sound is stunning, especially if you use good headphones like Sennheiser HD25 like my ones!

Pictures tho very good are a bit confusing as I cant seem to set the camera to more than 3MP. This could be due to the firmware provided by my network operator Orange.

One or two issues, one is if you recieve a message while texting a reply and accidentally open the new message, then close it, the message you were typing will go to the person who sent you the newer message, so if you are texting your girlfriend to say I love you and your friend texts you while you are doing it, he is either going to come out of the closet and give you a sore bum or going to be shocked and confused!

Overall I actually like this phone, I am a gadget freak and this phone currently does not disappoint.

  • Anonymous

i have this phone for two...hours. the front speaker burns pure and simple, now it's in service but it's a big problem with spare parts,it's too young this model for service. two hours..incredible,not?! the card cannot be read if it's filled 70-80 procents. when you try to make a photo with it's card 80% full,the whole system is blocked. and the gps is working with google maps with big amount of datas download ireal time while you are moving. it's incredible. don't buy this phone until it reach at 100 euro. it's a big junk. camera is good,but at it's price i buy now a 12-14 megapixel super compact camera

  • Hedgehoghall

Hi I brought this phone yesterday but I can't seem to be able to get GPS, does this phone have sat nav?? I have found maps, but it's google maps, not a sat nav program, can someone help me on this one please??

  • Steven

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2008to put the signal of any mobile with 3,5 mm output on the a... moreHence the problem. The LG KC910 doesnt have a 3.5jack to plug in your headphones. This is done via the charging port which is a weird looking thing. And as yet havent been able to find any adaptor/plug to convert to 3.5. Seems the answer isn't an easy one.

  • Lisa

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970hey, are you willing to sell it cheaper in the spirit of christmas? :)

  • Anonymous

Tried this phone at the phone shop. I must admit that the GUI is nice BUT the touch response is darn SLOW. As i swipe my fingers across the screen for next song or picture, it took more than 1-2 seconds to response.

The seller commented battery is weak and asked me to think twice before getting. What a slap in the face.

With the video out of sync from the comments below, it's a big let down.

And because of these issues, GSMArena dare not even make a review and comment about it as this phone is really a crappy one, for LG might sue GSMArena for releasing out a crappy review.

  • dj

get the lg ku990 much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lavdo

Does anyone know any forum that would be useful with reference to LG KC910 Renoir. I hope they will post a new firware because they are so many bugs that would be difficult to continue keeping this phone. Until now, it would be useful to keep this phone as optional only if you have any other phone that you use for daily use.

  • Anonymous

Steven, 08 Dec 2008Hi, after finally recieveing my Renoir (2 day wait because ... moreto put the signal of any mobile with 3,5 mm output on the aux input of a car stereo you must plug a cable with rca or 3.5mm jack connector in the aux input of the car stereo and the other end of the cable with classic 3,5 mm jack in the adaptor of the headphones of mobile. so you must buy a cable with rca and 3,5 mm jack or 3,5 mm jack at the both ends of the cable

  • Steven

Hi, after finally recieveing my Renoir (2 day wait because thay hadn't reached Oz yet)I found it was back to the shop. Seems that the radio screen had frozen and I wasn't able to do practically anything in that screen. Had to switch it off once. But I found initially that the phone did let me use the radio function, only on the second occassion did it freeze. Anyway after spendind 1.5 hrs on the phone to the LG Customer service they did conclude the phone was faulty and was replaced. Now all is fine except for the usual speed glitchs etc. My question though is this. How do I get the files (music mainly)on my phone to interact with an Aux output say on my car stereo like you would any normal mp3 player etc.

  • Anonymous

I wanna buy this phone but I have a question.
The 1000 mAh battery doesn't sound promising for a touchscreen phone. Can any of the owners of this phone tell how long you can go without charging for intensive usage and for average usage? Thanks.

  • noiz

Anyone know what the difference is between the normal LG KC910 Renoir and the LG KC910 Titanium?

  • Anonymous

Kevin Tran-Le, 07 Dec 2008This phone is EXCELLENT and i really mean it its the first ... moreHey pal, i was a one day owner of Renoir.
Yea i returned it when the speaker burst the second day.
I still miss it and thought of getting it back as a spare phone. However, for a video shooting geek like me, i got a little turn off when i tried the wide screen video shooting. When u shoot video in wide screen mode and turn left and right, do u notice that there is a "pause and continue" effect happen once every two to three second?
I tested two units and both have this problem. Wonder why...

  • Kevin Tran-Le

This phone is EXCELLENT and i really mean it its the first best multimedia ever. Seriously im a huge samsung fan but after seeing so many ads on the renoir on youtube and reviews I decided to gave a shot so i sold my Omnia and tried on this phone man its the best and now thanks to the RENOIR, my first time experience with LG could have never been better. I hook into LG just like Samsung. Cheers to Samsung and LG. If i can say one bad things about this phone is NOTHING and i am really mean it. This phone is a true entertainment device that put a smile on your face. I highly recommend that you buy it with no regrets.