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LG KC910 Renoir

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  • LexLuthor

Got the Renoir this morning and already is boxed up and ready to be exchanged at O2 tomorrow. The only good thing about this phone is the camera as the internet/Email and Music player sucks on this phone. I also have a Ipod Touch so kinda compared the handset to Ipod and the Ipod wins hands down on everything, so tomorrow am getting a IPhone 3g.

  • Anonymous

This phone looks awesome as son as it comes out i want to get it. to bad its not in Canada. But that wont stop me from getting it on eBay

  • Anonymous

LonezMoon, 26 Nov 2008Just wondering what is the picture file size taken by renoir??1.4 - 1.8 MB

  • Anonymous

Hmm... I got my sweet sweet Renoir last saturday 2pm. I was extremely happy about it. The touch responsive are much better than i thought. The loud speaker volumn and quality are also not as bad as i thought.
Battery life also quite satisfying. I manage to watch a full video and play some games and even make some calls. It support every type of avi and divx files i thrown into it.

HOWEVER... the next morning around 10am. The speaker burst after i play a few song in Dolby mode at loudest volumn.
And when i tried recording video is wide screen mode, there is a "pause and continue effect" after every two seconds.

So i brought my unit back to my network provider. They asked me to contact the LG customer service center at first. But when i insists, they changed a new one for me. But when i tested it, the new unit also have the sign of "pause and continue effect" after every two second if i record in wide screen mode. Thats really turned me off. Because my first priority is to shoot great video and take great photos.

The network provider allow me to change another phone model when i show them the "pause and continue" effect. A very good and profesional network provider indeed. So i choose Samsung Innov8 instead.

Everything in Samsung Innov8 is equally good if not better. Responsive also superb. Of course the LED flash is dissappointing. I was also very happy with it. The loudspeaker is really clear and loud. Although still not as loud as Nokia N73. But a lot clearer. One really sad thing about Innov8 is the battery life. Even i don't use it heavily (one or two short phone calls and less than 5 sms) the battery still drain very fast. I have to charge it everyday. What happened if i use it to listen to mp3 and watch video and shoot video? They do provide usb cable and i can charge it anytime when im with my laptop. But if i charge it when the battery not flat it will spoilt the battery rite? One more thing, in term of divx and avi format support, Renoir is better. But for symbian, you can always download other player i believe.

Both, Renoir and Innov8 come with the same divx convertor... Same

Two weeks ago, my housemate also bought a new phone. A Sony Ericson C905. The night photos really is the best. It looks like day light photo. There are three LED light which will turn on when shooting night video. It is bright enough to take night video but the video appear greenish and of course not so smooth if compared with both innov8 and renoir. But the battery life is the best among them. Not the best but at least can last for two full days. But i find the processing/responsive speed still cannot compared to innov8. And the screen is too small for such a high end phone.

Well, in short time i have chance to mess with three high end phone... two weeks? Not sure if Pixon is good... But not really interested simply because it doesn't have wifi. -_-"

Well, in short...i think there is really no "great" 8 megapixel phone now..

  • Michael Ropy

LonezMoon, 26 Nov 2008Just wondering what is the picture file size taken by renoir??LG Renoir's pictures size are really less than other 8MP cameraphones like both samsung INNOV8 and Pixon and ALSO better pictures than them. You can see it yourself!

  • Anonymous

can somebody do a good review, other site reviews are just selling pts wanting to make $ and sell this phone.

GSMarena cannot make a review because they do not have this phone.

  • LonezMoon

Just wondering what is the picture file size taken by renoir??

  • Anonymous

1. there is no ink coming out from the stylus, how am i going to write?

2. when i turn my head 90 degrees, the phone outlook position still looks the same, think the accelerometer is broken :(

3. video recording in slow motion is not working too as when i shoot the video, my subject still move at the same rate.

4. when is GSMARENA gonna make a review? too busy?

  • Pinoy+Phone_Whore

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970EDWIN:

if your chosing between Samsungs Omnia or LG Renoir... You need to ask your self this first.

-Which one is more important to you. The OS ( operating system ) or the camera's quality and functionality...

If you want a user friendly phone with a better OS and ok picture quality; then go Omnia . But if you want a Great Camera phone with 8mp of pics and great video go Renoir. I personally found the Lg Renoir OS alittle too easy and lacking in options. But the phone is just too easy to understand...

either way you would will end up with great phones. The Samsung Omnia or the LG Renoir are both great and very pleasing to your eyes...

  • Lewis

what operating system is the phone running on ?

I read it was some flash based interface but hte pics look like windows mobile?

can anyone confirm ?


  • alicia

i love this phone but it isn't in my price range or on pay as you go so ima get the lg cookie which is nearly as good and iits only 100

  • akumie

Emma, 25 Nov 2008this handset is great but unfortunently the pen did not come wit... moreink? pen? like as vewty an editing pcture? change the colours,choose the tone 4 any colours,ceh, so bad maaaa ..but i need 2 take it 1.ops,sory my english not vewty like as vewty.he he .


This phone, rocks it all out of the rest i wonder those other "8" megapixel's(phones) are better that of lg renoir.

  • Dusty

Any news on the firmware upgrade?

  • Emma

this handset is great but unfortunently the pen did not come with any ink...

  • Anonymous

this phone is out in malaysia at RM2080.

tried the phone - buggy software.

will wait for nokia 5580

  • De Bunk Da Junk


Please try recording in slow motion and tell me whether the colour changes?

When i record normally or fast motion, the colour of the camera remains the same.

However when i switch to slow motion recording, when i prees record the colour darkens ALOT and you can hardly see anything.

Anyone else having this problem?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2008Now this is what we call INSECURITY, just as I thought that if a... morei will be buyin it!!! so say what you will!!!

  • Pinoy_Phone+Whore

Does anyone know how to my YouTube Video run ??? Because on mine it says theres "No Internet Profile"

  • Anonymous

Bee, 22 Nov 2008Hi All, Love this phone but i do have a query regarding state... moreKC910 does have a inbuilt GPS & also it has a GPS application called "Jugging-Buddy".This application runs with the support of GPS and tells you the distance travelled while jogging.Other application such as Google-maps, runs on GPS too.