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LG KC910 Renoir

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  • jonesdude

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2008The Renoir is a great touch screen mobile apart from the followi... moreJust got my new replacement from Orange. Guess what. It still has all the same faults of the previous one. Plus one new extra fault. You now can't turn on T9 dictionary when composing emails! The button for it is there on the keypad, but nothing happens when pressed....Oh dear. Guess i'll have to decide if i want to keep it or find another model. Any others with this many features features? Divx recording and playback? I get the feeling this model was rushed out to market before any testing. Just using us customers for testing.

  • LG-er

It's a nice phone..

Why is it hard to sms ? Qwerty rulez man!

  • Anonymous

The Renoir is a great touch screen mobile apart from the following:

*The loudspeaker is rubbish (WAY too quiet, less than half the N95s volume and probly worse than the iphone)
*Messaging can become very annnoying
*The battery life is still crap as with all LG mobiles
*GPS, well it may as well not have it
*Dolby Mobile is useless
*Sound quality is bad through both the speakers and headphones

Other than that its great. But personally, I upgraded to it from the N95 8GB and im very disappointed.

The phone itself, you really need to use it for a week to understand the issues im talking about. The phone loks great in the shop but a week later youl think otherwise.

I also work for a telco and we have had half the renoirs sold come back as faulty. (I have had 3 so far in 2 weeks)

  • Bee

Hi All,

Love this phone but i do have a query regarding statement on the specs that it has in-built GPS function with agps.

I have gone through the menu and cannot find the GPS icon.

However i can find the settings to switch from A-GPS to Stand Alone GPS.

I have also called LG tech support but they have said the in-built gps is referring to the Gmaps-otherwise known as googlemaps.

Can anyone shed some light?

  • fatt

i receive my renoir this morning and is a great phone, i cant stop my hand for pressing it and the model look fanstactic i love it so so much

  • De Bunk Da Junk


All i can say is the battery isnt bad. Its decent. Gives good usage. Hopefully LG may release a more powerful battery.

The rest of your questions i honestly dont know the answer to unfortunately. Hopefully someone else may help you out. The speaker question in particular is a peculiar one. Out of curiosity i would like to know the answer to that to.

In Reply To ZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Please dont bother quoting half of something rather than the full picture. The Phone arena review has been discussed if you BOTHERED to read some of the opinions of earlier. Better still, try reading the opinions of the USERS of the phone and site, in Phone Arena (Considering you are smart enough to navigate your way around and understand, which so far you show you are not) and you will find that the Phone Arena Review has a cloud of doubt and deceit hanging over it.

..Getting tired of some of the idiots..The world is going to end in 2012 i guess..

  • Joseph

Dear De Bunk Da Junk
thank you for answering
but i read many opinions about my questions and have no certain answer ... everyone say somthing diffrent than the other !!
so i didn`t know who is the true
the more important thing i want to know about is questions 1 , 3 and 4
and thanx again for your reply

  • Zzzz

From Phone arena review , Samsung Pixon is better:

We think that the rival Pixon is better because of the better software as a whole. The Renoir is not bad, but we get the feeling that its production was rushed so LG would be able to compete with its South Korean rival. Samsung’s Pixon is slightly better at everything, including the camera, the video playback, the music player, texting and the sensitivity of the display. However, if you don't like the geek look of the Pixon, the Renoir is a good alternative.

  • De Bunk Da Junk

As i said earlier, yes the phone may have bugs and some unlucky people will have more than others. Im not ruling that out. Its all personal preference at the end of the day. Just dont put a phone down though unless you know the ins and outs and have extensive experience in dealing with phones, menus etc etc ETC!

Joseph...some of your questions have been answered read the previous posts, there are mixed views.

To the *diot who said his G600 produces better photos. Bluetooth a G600 image to the Renoir. Bluetooth a Renoir photo to your G600. Observe both. Then, take a picture with all high settings in your Renoir. Then, take a picture with all high settings in your G600. Upload to a PC. Observe.

Then eat your words.

  • De Bunk Da Junk

Oh no! Another anonymous fool!

No im not an iphone fanboy. I've played with the iPhone's interface and thats what i was commenting on in regards to this touchscreen interface and design.

Dont assume, assumptions are the mother of all *ock up's.

I was the first to have this phone from my network, a misplaced comment and postage meant i got the phone two days before anyone else on my network did.

Those who have commented on the phone have used many functions. The only problem seems to be with E-Mail, No MAC Support, GPS/Go-Tagging.

Only a couple mentioned either one.

I use the phone extensively except for two things, E-Mail and GPS (GSP Soon)

Ive mentioned this before you have to use the side keys to up the volume of the profiles because as standard even the loudest profile isnt set on loud because it can get LOUD.

I bet the other fools dont even realise the little functions like the screen brightness. Again as defualt it is switched off. Turn off the power save and up the brightness the screen is BRIGHT. Hurts the eyes kinda bright.

The auto-focus on cameras and video recording works fine. Sometimes, and very rarely, theres a slight second or two delay. So far i havnt had any synching problems with the PC or whilst recording.

One problem i did come across is if you open the browser (which is semi-decent), and you load a web page heavy in media or text content, then it will take a short while to load and the zoom function will take a little longer to work.

My phone also restarted because...


So for a phone it works just great.

  • Anonymous

I get better pictures on my g600

  • hannah

rubish software! mines broke after a week

  • Joseph

now there are many different opinions ... and got me confused about this phone
So i have a little questions and i hope to find answers

1- is the GPS needs gprs ? or it can connect directly to the satellite ? because they wrote it has A-gps not Gps !!!
2- ringing sound is loud enough to hear it ? or it is low ?
3- what about battery life ??
4- is the phone have different speakers for talking and ringing ? or it uses the same speaker ?
5- is there a delay between audio and video in video recording ?? and if yes ... did they resolve that in new softwares ??

i think that is enough and waiting for answers

thank you all :)

  • Jason

Lee C, 21 Nov 2008for anyone have problems getting im messeger on there lg renoir!... moreYou're the man!
Thanks :)

  • Lee C

for anyone have problems getting im messeger on there lg renoir!! ive done it its so simple i can harly believe it works!!
wot u have to do is:
1, go to www.ebuddy.com
2, click on mobile it brings up a screen with 2 mobile options cick on the 1st download option
3, click on select brand (lg)
4, heres the underhand bit click on model u wont find renoir u have to click on ke990 viewty (u must use this option no other way works yet)
5, then do as it say write:http://get.ebuddy.com on your phones browser
6, click nxt on you pc browser then follow the sign up/login details step by step no skipping anything
7. hey presto u now have im messenger on your lg renoir
and they said it couldnt be done haha we will show them

  • Anonymous

De Bunk Da Junk, 21 Nov 2008so i read that site..what the heck were you reading? are you bli... moreoh no! another Iphone fanboy - ie. Da Junk. Iphone is overated and nothing but a piece of Junk like Da Junk

  • Anonymous

De Bunk Da Junk, 21 Nov 2008so i read that site..what the heck were you reading? are you bli... moreHey Junk, i am not blind. Those rated high over this phone are not extensive users but just sms & call. If use the phone to the fullest capability bugs will surface.

i assume you will buy this phone Mr. Junk

  • De Bunk Da Junk

so i read that site..what the heck were you reading? are you blind? have you lost your skills of weighing up the odds or did you never have any?

most users have given this phone a high rating!!

the main drawbacks one may realise after reading the site are few, no mac support, cannot synch with some email client software blah blah. minor issues, most of which have been picked up in the gsmarena preview!

i dont care if you are a manager of IT or not (as one reviewer stated on that site) your still the same as the rest of us.

read it yourselves people.

find me one phone which 500 or more people have received and has never got a bad review or a handset that was sent back in exchange for something else...?

look, its not upto par with keypad phones, maybe the iphone 3g looks better with a better menu. but thats this phone for ya.

its a good bridge until 12 months, by which time a good solid line up of 10+ mpx phones will be out, 3g and non 3g.

  • Anonymous

possible not to buy this phone as LG rushed to get this phone out in the market to compete w Samsung and SE.

read the link below and find out after users really use this phone, they were returned later:


  • alex

got mine today and have put it up for sale already. The same is said about my se c905.