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LG KF350

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  • sg

anyone kno how to update the software?
i dont see any feature on LG PC suite to upgrade software

  • sg

CAREN, 10 Jan 2009Emm...dunno wor... how do u feelafter using tis phone ? is tat... moreThis phone has pretty nice desingn
after using it for three weeks i found these problems
-slow...very slow
-keypad makes weird sound when i press it(not from speaker, from the keypad it self
-weak signal reception
-cant get rid of the career sign on the main display

these are my personal feelings about the phone.

i'm using rogers(canada). i set it up so i can use WAP with my phone. it works but cant send multimedia messages. anyone knows why???

  • omg

Omg people i have this phone more than 2 months and it is just perfect i love this phone not just for the design...... only problem is the memory u need to buy a memory card and that everything is just perfect ;)

  • (^_^)...

sg, 10 Jan 2009sometimes i cant press 'send' button after writing text message.... moreThink your phone got some problem. My phone also get spoil after using a few days. When to upgrade the software and now working ok. Think you go and upgrade the phone software.

  • Rach.

This is phone nice. Its pink colour somemore.
but many comments says its a bad phone.
i was considering to get this phone. :\


sg, 10 Jan 2009sometimes i cant press 'send' button after writing text message.... moreEmm...dunno wor...
how do u feelafter using tis phone ?
is tat functions ok?

  • sg

sometimes i cant press 'send' button after writing text message. i have to turn off and on the phone to fix this proble.
does anyone know why?

  • Anonymous

Anyone one can advice on how to activate the handsfree when make or recieving a call? I can't seem to find it in the manual.

  • Berta

This phone is cute and i like the features and things that go with it. How much is this phone and can i buy it at alltel?

  • Anonymous

hi, i just want to know about the battery life. can it last? because they didnt state it in the phone specification. another thing is the sound. is it loud? i used to have LG shine, and it was so soft! thanks.

  • (^_^)...

How long you guy take to finish charging...??

  • sg

Dylan UK, 05 Jan 2009Hey there, Is this the English variant of The Cyon Ice Cream?... moreCyon is korean name for LG as a cellphone brand.

  • (^_^)...

Went to upgrade the phone software then the phone can work le.

  • Dylan UK

Hey there,

Is this the English variant of The Cyon Ice Cream?

Is it available in the UK?

I want it !!! :D

  • ValerieYan

Its a reali Cute Phone, my friend bought it few weeks, there is no problem at all,
its easy to spoil onot i think its depends on owner how to take care of it...

  • Anonymous

Got this phone, battery life is okay. Got to charge it 3 days or so. Other than that it's a cute phone. Not a big fan of the plastic-ness of the phone inside.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2008ahhh... why no 3G? so u can't take urself using the phone like ... morewait, there is 3G
see the little camera in the inside on the top right?

  • SG

Anonymous, 28 Dec 2008My sis just got it from hk last week and it cost her a total of ... moreu have to reduce the size of picture at the setting in order to enable zooming function

  • Zara

I have this phone for a week. not a bad one , for those who interested in this model, a few things to take note:

1. the sms folder share the internal memory & was set to only 300 smses including inbox & sent.so if it reaches the limit of 300 either you delete or move to another folder or memory card.

2. cant find dictionary folder.

3. ext display colour (orange) cannot be changed.

4. No quick note pad, only memo which needs to enter time & all, quite troublesome.

5.cant change sms font size , only can change menu

& contacts font size. what a letdown!

other than the above, its a great phone to own. fast & clear.

  • autumn

I have seen you guy's review and opinions about this phone.

I'm thinking to buy this phone as it is so cute!
It looks like you guys said like as though this phone is real bad.
Now I don't know whether I should buy it or not?