LG KF350

LG KF350

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  • Anonymous

My sis just got it from hk last week and it cost her a total of spore(S$290) with a free 2 GB memory card and a casing. The phone is almost the same functions as normal nokia phone but however, there is no zoom in functions available for the camera. The battery life is just alright and it have to be charge every 2-3 days provided talks are not made on the phone that often. The phone is cute and have many cute and interesting icons and sounds. Messaging style is almost the same as nokia phone so if you are a nokia user, this phone will not be a problem for you. Overall, it's worth getting this phone provided you do not mind it does not have any 3G and zoom in functions for the camera.

  • Anonymous

how long can the battery lasts?

  • Anonymous

ahhh... why no 3G?
so u can't take urself using the phone like in the advertisment?

  • rk

i think u guy are not bought the ture one...

  • Anonymous

something is wrong with the firmware of the phone which causes it to 'hang'
you'd have to bring it back to whereever you got it from and ask them to update the firmware for you

or else its a piece of crap
i bought one

  • kayla

got this phone used for a day got spoiled hanged would not turn on, did some one had the same problem?

  • Anonymous

i got this phone.. battery life is crap. Only lasts for less than an hour and thats without calling or messaging. Anyone know why? Is it just th battery or completely phone's fault.

  • LINK(:

i just bought this phone today. anione knows where can i download the theme?

  • ValerieYan

Its SOOO CUTE~ im going to buy this as soon as i can!
first time saw this kind of japan design phone! Pink colour sumemore >.< Love itttttttt~~ Yes, function is not so Nice,but design was nice! this world got nothing is totally 100% perfect! u wan function good? design sure so so only...

  • Anonymous

No, there is no secondary camera. I got this phone too, it's quite good. I made a youtube video of it, watch?v=-HcO8Oadylw

  • ('_')...

Na, 23 Dec 2008i bought this phone last wk, and is not that bad as what the rev... moreSo wait and see.

  • kurtlim

no secondary camera because this is a non-3G phone.

  • mabel

and is there a secondary camera? heard some people say yes, and some not. if there is, may i know how to do it? thank you.

  • mabel

may i know can the pixel words can change its color into pink instead of orange for the lg strawberry?

thank you

  • Anonymous

does this phone has a tone when it is flipped open?

  • na

wth, 13 Dec 2008got this phone 6 days ago. yesterday when i flipped open the pho... moreu have to set it yourself dear..
go to
1) settings
2) select profile
3) if u have selected outdoor (eg)
4) then go options
5) then edit
6) then scoll down till u see flip tone
7) and select ur choice 1 or 2..
8 done

  • Na

i bought this phone last wk, and is not that bad as what the reviews said..
its a simple and easy phone to use..it's great..
and l love the color..pink ofcourse.!

  • Steven_T

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2008does this phone hav front camera?yes it does have camera .

  • Anonymous

this phone will it be lagg/hang?

  • Anonymous

does this phone hav front camera?