LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • hitler s.

how to set up bluetooth deviced,no option on displayed..and front camera on trouble also..thanks for concern..

  • Anonymous

hi, i have got this brand and i don,t know how to change ring phone or download the new ringtone from original site . please guide me .

  • AnonD-138317

Instal PC SUITE from LG end syncronize your contacts whit usb cable

  • h

good quality screen,good speed,very good menu,bad body,bad bluetooth...in end>good

  • amin

i have LG kf 750 it,s screensaver has bricked,i need to my phoone numbers how can i get my phone numbers?

  • Red 1998

I have a lg kf750.i love this phone.but,suddenly its internal is filled which i cant see but it is in others.i have tried to clear,but it is not working.what can i do?

  • k5

has a very non-transparent menus

  • praveen kumar

I have lg kf750 but when closed to slide then lock is not working. What have I to do now it. After that when wil second camera be started please tell me my email id krpraveen194@gmail.com

  • jegan

i have one kf 750. but now left side navigation not working.what can i do?

  • Cansev

I used it about one week and returned to the supplier.
The battery does not last more than one day. It switches off by itself if idle for 2-3 hours.
I bought a LG TV set and had many problems with it. I bought a LG laptop and again problems with it.
This is my third bad experince with LG. Never again.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

super i like very much..

  • Anonymous

my navigation keys are not working . what can i do?

  • damned

gr8 phone !!!

  • Gemmatran

Nice mobile ever

  • anoni

i was able to use it for a week..but one time the power cant be turn on.they said flex is the problem.how much it cost for a repair?

  • Anonymous

I have used this phone for 2 years.
It is a great phone and I didnt face any problem with it..

  • innocent

guys mine is barely 3wks old n d battery cannot go beyond 1day, eventhough overall, i think this phon is a beauty 2 behold

  • lalala

I have it for half a year now and i think it's a piece of garbage. the entire touchpad stoped working except up and down buttons, which can be extremely annoying! it's really slow and the battery is worse than the one in ericsson GA628! NEVER buying LG again..

  • Anonymous

amie, 03 Apr 2011ya were the same problems i have 9 message in the outbox. ... moreyess.were the same problem..i have 6 msgs in the outbox.cant delete it.always hang up.dont get this one..poor phone