LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • tyler

hmm i'm thinking i like this phone, besides the poor battery life (hey it's lg not sony ericsson) and wifi. If those two things came up, would be a dream phone lol

  • darkmax

Wow! If all the above are as good as it looks, this could very well be my next phone.

  • Lolo

I simply HATE touch sensitive keys...

  • Anonymous

like the guy underneath me said, shame theres no wi-fi...
ALMOST perfect...

  • Anonymous

this phone has crazy touch pad keys. it has a crazy green light and ellipse form :)

  • Anonymous


only reason I wouldnt buy this phone

  • Dani

I think i Like this phone........!

Nice work LG (thumbs up)

  • Anonymous

2000 views in 2hrs- hit phone!

Is it just me or did u guys get gosebumbs after looking at that keybad... omg its sooo sexy :)

  • rakeb

lg like samsung for phones 5mp very fast ,but nokia 3mp late like bar phone k800 and k810 and samsung u100 and sony t650 ,nokia only Symbian until now nokia no thinking to make phone bar 3mp like k770 ,only n73 and n78 symbian very slow ,

  • sanArena

well .. you must accept the technical advancement in field of Mobile.. this phone supports viewing different documents format.. cool man..

  • I want a new phone

Wow, the name value of BLS goes on....
Nice looking, slick and fashionable,
5megapixel, Good job LG

  • TC16

its so thn 12mm and its got 5mp camra its gr8 but i am not a fan of lg but thy can make go0d looking phone

  • TC16

its so thn 12mm and its got 5mp camra its gr8 but i am not a fan of lg but thy can make go0d looking phone

  • Anonymous

Nicely styled, decent set of features. Just can't help but have a lack of confidence in LG, they've always gone wrong for me. But great style, and a useful feature list. I hope LG pull this off cause this is a nicely balanced phone.

  • Dani

lol Secret

its a nice phone though

  • kirt

Nice phone, and auto rotate is a very very nice addition, this is there next best selling phone. They were keeping a great Secret all along, hehehe... lol :)
Really good looking, keep up the good work LG.

  • Maximus

Seems to be a really nice alternative to the samsung G series phones. In fact the UI auto rotate and touch screen are a big PLUS. Hope the interface is not sluggish. My vote for the best feature slider goes to SECRET

  • Alin

cool phone but the camera is the same as the viewty