LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • Andy

In many areas, a phone with only the 1900 frequency will receive only half the reception another phone receives with both 850 and 1900. LG chooses to provide its North American users with phones that can best be described as "disadvantaged" and "inferior."

  • Anonymous

yes, but wifi should be making it into every reasonably priced phone these days, just like bluetooth is.

People want to use MSN, go on their facebook, and send emails without having to pay for expensive GPRS or buy an iphone-type phone.

  • Andy

Why spend hundreds of dollars on a phone that is missing an essential frequency, 850, for those of us that live in North America? Clearly, LG does not consider optimal functionality of their devices (for something as important as signal strength and reception level) to be a high priority; therefore, their devices can be safely presumed to be low-end, and not worthy of any significant investment on the part of consumers.

  • Anonymous

it may look like a shaver...but i'll bet it will going to shave good!

  • cheapjing

is it just me or does it look like a flatten shaver?

  • Anonymous

im so smitten the way they name their phones. LG has a SECRET...SAMSUNG has SOUL...and NOKIA has a...has a...what do they have?

  • Phil

Why people start to complain about no WLAN?? This is not the kind of phone to have WLAN, phones like prada and viewty should are the kind to have wifi, oh wait~~they didn't put wifi on those neither.;]

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever. Super slim with video recording at 120fps!!!
Well done LG
Pity motorola aren't doing 5mp phones

  • gerb

This phone will be great(btw, how the hell can u think this is meant to be a smartphone? Smart would imply business, but this phone is about style!)
But is anyone thinking about the conversations?
"Hey, nice phone. What is it?"
"Its a secret"
"Please tell me"
"No really, its a secret"

  • Anonymous

if only this phone has wi-fi(sorry guys, cause i'm so really into it)it will going to be a good competitor

  • Kashif Butt

cell phone is butifule but 5M camera not like 5M camera if you can see Nikia 1.3M camera so you know the what about 5M came

  • Anonymous

well...it's not a 'secret' anymore

  • Anonymous

did u know that its also touch screen and has an auto rotating UI like the iPhone

  • Anonymous

Why use touch keys , only to make difficult something which is easy with a standard key ?

  • Anonymous

which slide phone this size has WAN and a 5mpx camera? This phone is for style conscious people( like me). There's always HSPDA if u want internet. If it was chubby i would understand all the talk about wan.

  • ilir

looks just like the u900 soul and same features as well, id take the samsung over it :]

  • Anonymous

its u who thinks its a smartphone
get a tubby blackberry if looking for one

  • gasam

all its very beautifull,the camera specs and the carbon fiber batt cover,but the frecuency of 3G network is only for Europe, LG forgives Latin America :( :(

  • Emeka

I have a question? Was this phone meant to be a smart phone? If the answer to the question is 'yes' then let me remind LG that we are now in 2008.Why would a phone like this not have WLAN??? Oh by the way, if LG decides to upgrade the battery to a higher capacity battery and also add a document editor instead of just a viewer, it MIGHT give them an edge above some of the other phone manufacturers. Other than the above mentioned suggestions, I think it's good innovation on their part.

  • Conor

This phone looks nice, but way too far out of my budget! :(