LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • swarup

Hi.. Its a very nice set but i cant stream video in it.

  • AnonD-29814

i cant play web videos on my phone. especially youtube videos. whts up?!!

  • Rich

I really like this phone, the best good ever, so cute, quality camera and video, high speed 3g, amazing features. But the problem is the touch sensitive is not that good, i had a problem with mine and went to change it, after sometime the phone wont on again, the lg logo comes and goes, and now its useless, i still miss it especially when i want to take pictures.

  • prithivi

hi! i m using dis mobile 4m last 4 months..it has lots of hanging issue...it's nt support all java applications...it's takes lots of time when i try to open external memory...vry disappointmnt

  • Tiger alws king

LG KF750 Secret is a perfect mobilewith full options.

  • onethahirone

i have one lg kf 750 but problem is not activate any simcard in united arab emirates what i do now , i give to one lg delers in uae rasalkima , then i wite tooolong time(2 an half month)after then they side soory dear u just call tall free nuber lg then they will take u r cell for replace what is this what i do ?

  • wd ben

I've been using it for 2years.It's very durable.the problem is, nw my up and down + close key couldnt response when i touch on it,it's very frustrating especially when i wanna make a phone call

  • phemmy

i use it too..its a cute phone...the picture is tight. brings far distance near like "hear". u know what i mean?

  • cutepuppy

Jor, 10 Jun 2011The FM receiver is not in the phone but in the headset. So you w... moreThanks for your response. But my phone is locked with Rogers. I think they lock that feature cuz it comes with radio on demand feature only, but i don't wanna pay for it. It's ridiculous.

  • tintin

its a really good phone. menus are a bit outdated and very limited touch screen, which is stupid, cos the entire screen is touch when you activate it.... awsome camera though. the touch buttons are a bit too sensitive, but all in all, a good solid phone.... and my 1 year old, still hasn't managed to break it.... :)

  • Jor

cutepuppy, 25 May 2011Does anyone know how to setup the radio? Can't listen to the rad... moreThe FM receiver is not in the phone but in the headset. So you will need to connect the headset to the phone and then click the 3th button on the right side of the phone that enables the touch screen. There you can select "fm radio"

  • Anonymous

Where can I get the casing in Kenya I have searched everywhere

  • salah

nibssssss, 05 Apr 2011hi ive got a problem with my kf750's battery. its stands only f... moreyes i think its normal for the battery cause mine also i had it since may be near from 2 years now and the battery since a while stand only one day may be less if i use it alot

  • cutepuppy

Does anyone know how to setup the radio? Can't listen to the radio on it. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

hi my lg kf 750 has been working optimally for over a year and a half now.Recently i realize that the key pad comes on but the screen does come on.what do u think is the matter ?

  • nibssssss

ive got a problem with my kf750's battery. its stands only for 1 day.is it normal?
ive even change the battery and put a new one its still the same....plzzz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • amie

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2010ok..i already had this phone for about 8 month.. the major pr... moreya were the same problems i have 9 message in the outbox.
i cant delete it.

  • amie

hey guys can you help me how to format my built in memory plz,, coz this is my big problem...
i cant download games and application.
i cant send email of this problem

help me.

  • sha

hi guys ,

i am using this phone more than 1 1/2 years up to now i didn't have a single pro.i have to tell u guys that this phone not so user friendly but u can use that.gprs speed is ok.so i have to tell all of u this is a good product frm lg,,well done keep it up

  • AnonD-4358

Life s bad, 19 Dec 2010I'm not able to delete ma phone memory. even the service provide... moreya were the same problem....