LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • AnonD-4358

i have a big problem of my phone i cant format my built-in memory or phone memory./ plzzz help me?

  • ramil aying

how can i format my phone memory?..

  • JoseMa

Pretty good phone if you care of him, I have this phone for one year, I used to break my phones after a maximum of 6 month (Nokia 6267, Samsung E250, Moto V3, Nokia n95). but this phone is working like it had just been taken from the box.
Very nice camera (in high light conditions it takes better photos than my 5mpx dedicated camera) very good video recorder (better than my 5mpx camera), i have 150 DivX videos in my MicroSD and they works very good at this phone
the sound is very clear and loud, listening to music with earphones is such a beautiful experience.
Teh touchpad and the touchscreen are very responsive, but I'm afraid the UI is a bit slow.
the screen is very tough and resistent, the carbon fiber is sexy and the keys are amazing to use.
to sum up, a awesome phone with rich features and a tough and sexy body.
I recommend it to everybody

  • LG

LG, 22 Feb 2011How to I change language from Chinese to English?Menu # 2-4 select english

sorted, thanks

  • LG

How to I change language from Chinese to English?

  • Bosandjero

It is a nice phone.. Good camera, sound, nice memory and similar shit. Nice design but it has not a good resistance. I got it for 2 months and it looks like it was used for ages. that is my opinion.. :)
sorry for gramar, my english is not very good.

  • jonathan

i'm selling my beloved LG KF750 for only 6k pm me if ur interested...used it less than 1year....here's my e-mail..

shipping is not included...

  • Molly

iv just got this phone second hand and to of the touch bottons has gone and the person who i got it of doesnt know why is there any way i can fix it again ??? x

  • Anonymous

guh, 30 Dec 2010eu tinha um celular desse pois perdieu quero outro onde pos... more:)

  • guh

eu tinha um celular desse pois perdieu quero outro onde posso econttrar um novo igual a esse aki em saocarlos galera me ajuda ae fl at+

  • Anonymous

I am not able to get pc suite for my lg kf 750

  • Life s bad

I'm not able to delete ma phone memory. even the service provider not able to do it... ha ha ha so funny

  • Life s bad

I'm not able to delete ma phone memory. even the service provider not able to do it... ha ha ha so funny

  • David

I put 8GB memory card in my KF750 and he is working :)) Good phone.

  • Prabha

Bought this mobile for my secondary phone usage... i feel good in its look and stylish design. Features limited, best to camera, frequent calls and music. Limited touch screen functionality not so usefull, still we can say touch gives additional highlight to this phone. Not so more user friendly. when Put this mobile in stylish category , we can rate as 7 for 10.

  • Anonymous

i have twice changed calibrator on my kf750 lg. other problems like volume mode interfering on screen, loss of picture while making a call is very disturbing

  • Michael

hi, i lost my samsung jet so i have to use lg ku6000 which is cdma version of secret in korea. i had it unlocked, the ui is faster compared to that of the gsm version aka lg kf750. it can also record vga at 30fps even night vids appear swift, however, it doesnt have bluetooth and i cannot play mp3 files with it even if i store it to its mp3 folder.

can anyone tell me what music files does this unlocked phone supports?


thanks a lot

  • Jerico

Sir/Madam i've read your complaints about this phone the only one thing to reduce lag and to use buttons accurately is To change the phone's Flex..
-tested and proven in my experience.

  • isaac promise unukef

its not just a phone but a fone

  • praveentkp

do not get parts.so this is very big dis advantage