LG KF750 Secret

LG KF750 Secret

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  • fluker.

hi guys
i find the games really boring.
does anybody know where to download games for the Secret for free?

  • chevon

hi guys
i am thinking of buying this pone but i jst ant to know if the phone is loud when playing music out aloud

i used to have a nokia n73 and that was good for playing music out loud but i'd like to know what u guys think of the secret


  • Anonymous

al6a6y6lue88, 24 Nov 2008This is bugging me soooooooo bad! Does anyone know how to delete... morein ur inbox, go to option then select mark all and delete!

  • Anonymous

reception is weak.
I owned a blackberry pearl before where i had full signal and now i get no service on the LG at the exact location...

  • asjdkfla;

does anyone know how to turn off the shutter sound?
and how can i make the text message alert to vibrate?

  • al6a6y6lue88

This is bugging me soooooooo bad! Does anyone know how to delete all the text messages without having to reformat and lose everything else??? PLEASE ADVISE!!

  • Anonymous

hi all.

i had trouble experiencing with the usb connection and it took me a really long time to figure out how to connect to the computer so that i can transfer my photos.

i'm using the PC Suite and it works perfectly. Just install all of the features it asks and it all works. At the first few times i didn't install those features, but when i did, the connections and everything worked! Now i can transfer my images!

i hope my comment has helped!

  • Anonymous

why all the negative feedback? i find this phone so easy to use,no problem with usb,lagging at times but tolerable...but most of all, am very impressed with the camera and video quality....i also own SE G700,fantastic phone but loses out to LgSecret in term of camera and video recording capability.

  • issac hunt

listen, the public generally has some negative commments on this phone but i have alot of experience with the highest standard of technologies out there.i am a computer engineer. this phone is very good for the price. alot of refreshing features on it. the only disappointment to it is that it doesn,t support any wifi software. that was a major downfall.buttttt. the phone is extremely durable. viewers look up for the scratch test on the internet. try and see if u can do that with anyother phone.i

  • C...

I was lookin at buying this phone but there seems to be everything wrong with it can some 1 plz tel me about it with out complainin or is it actually that bad????

  • Bella baby

I really don't like this phone! I got it on upgrade and find it really annoying.The touch navigation is super sensitive,you just brush over it and it changes. It feels heavy and awkward to hold but I do have small hands.I have an ipod touch so I am familiar with touch screen technology but this phone is not very user friendly.It is as if lg are trying out touch screen but are not quite there yet. I am actually sending it back to change for something else.

  • aaa

had a choice between this mobile phone or the samsung u900. i chose the lg.......... was it the right one?

  • AAA

had a choice between this lg or the samsung u900, i chose the lg..... was it the right one?

  • Anonymous

does anyone experienced the laggyness in the phone?

  • Lina

Tim, 13 Nov 2008Ive had the phone since this morining...it is perfectly alright.... moreI've had this phone for 2 days and the battery died only today. I have had so many difficulties trying to connect the mobile to the pc. With my old phone a motorola it showed on the phone that it was connecting to the pc, with this one nothing shows? should something be showing???

  • Anonymous

I got just got it but the phone keeps randomly shutting down wut can i do?
shouold i return it or is there a way i can fix it?

  • Anonymous

"Batery life 1/2 days"...???? sick of all these people complaining abt battery life...i use this phone for 2 mths now, one charge can last me at least 2 to 3 days.

  • was

Is there any driver or something i can download or use to improve the brightness of the video recorder?

The recording quality is great! just a pity that it needs ALOT of light to record properly :(

  • fluker.

Anonymous, 16 Nov 2008Help........... How do you get your pictures from phone to PC. ... morehi
i got the phone
and it came with a 2GB memory card
i connected it with usb cable
and it worked fine
it didnt even needed the pc suite.
so i suggest you purchase a memory card.

  • Anonymous

How do you get your pictures from phone to PC. When USB cable in, nothing happens. Have tried Data and Pictbridge sync.
Nothing in the user manual for downloading via usb. Last phone I had,just plugged in cable and selected import on pc and that was it, but nothing comes up on pc with this phone, and can't find anything on phone for transferring to pc.