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LG KF750 Secret

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  • J

I have it, I like it a lot, but one thing bugs me. When I close the slide after I have finished an operation - say reading a txt, I would expect the phone to go back to the home screen but instead it freezes on the last screen when open. Can't find an option to change this behaviour anywhere - has anyone else?
Only other gripe is the 'predictive' text mode does not guess the word until you have input all the characters - my Mot RAZRs were much better at this.

  • Vineet

Amazing phones , has great design , great features . all in all it is real great value for money. Best phone I ever had .

  • Patty

I got many phones, but this one, it's the best i ever hade! Great, compact, good camera, isn't slow, sound quality very good (i had the SE W910, didn't hear a difference). I miss only the opportunity to download themes..anyway very good phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Nokia N82 has amazing specs even compared to the feature-rich LG Secret. N82 has wifi, but do you really really need it?

Secret totally outclasses N82 in looks department. not only is it slimmer but sexier aswell.

say Secret :)

(obvoiusly if you ask this question in N82 board you'll get a different answer lol!)

  • Anonymous

just got some dummies of this phone at my store ... the specs are good, but the phone is uncomfortable to hold and the num pad is awful. LG you've done it again :P

  • Anonymous

Vince, 07 Aug 2008but really my n82 is really bad and terrible i can't even make ... moreWhy don't you try to change the carrier, It happens a lot when the carreir has a poor infrastructure.

  • RON

best phone i ve owned. great value.refreshing change from nokias and sony erricsons.

  • rofl noob

nelu, 06 Aug 2008The touch media is there so you can have some touchscreen featur... morecome on~ iphone are the most useless phone ever been design, I mean even itouch is useless.

Also its not even touch sensor, its heat sensor in other word, if you live some where really cold during winter, dam.. so useful isnt it

  • JMO

Well been trying to contact someone at LG about the problem Ive been having with the slide rubbing and scratching the keys. Since Im in the US and this is an International phone no one wants to help me, or even give me a number to call! I guess i'll try and call the Korea number listed in my owners manual about warrenty repairs. I could care less how long it takes since I can go back to using me SE and hopefull get a replacement phone so I can sell the POS on ebay and get something else! First LG ive ever owned, had it for 2 weeks and already sick of them!

  • mickel

my phone doesnt scratch when i slide it open or close :)

  • JMO

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970I was actually horribly torn between the F480 and the Secret. For weeks i would compare reviews, specs, and watch videos of the two on youtube since I was in the states and couldn't play with them before I bought one.

Since I'm posting here you can guess I got the Secret. I chose it over the F480 mostly becuase of the fact that its video recorder on paper blew the F480's out of the water. Plus it had an accelerometer which is a little slow buy still very nice i must admitt and the tempered glass screen is a treat. In the F480's defense, and also what made it so hard to choose was the F480's .4 inch larger screen and slightly smaller size. The full touch screen is nice too but not that important to me. The lack of an accelerometer in the full touch screen did bother me though.

Now the question, if I could do it all over again would I stick with the Secret? Would be a hard decision but probably not. The main reason I chose the Secret over the F480 was the video recorder and it is abosolute garbage when shooting indoors and thats where I wanted to use it the most. Also the keys are visably scratching from when you open and close the slide. Which is actually quite comical since they go on and on about the scratch proof screen and when you open the box it says "Quality that Lasts" then the damn thing just self mutilates itself lol. Oh well you live and you learn!

  • xbxxx

definitely the Secret :)

  • James

What a pieces of junk. Does not live up to its spec sheet at all! I have full data plan, can get online yet phone can not run google maps or play the videos on youtube, keeps saying connection error. Guess this pos just cant hold a connection. Camera is rubbish when indoors, so is video. Slide appears to rubbing on the keys, touch navigation on front is slow and unresponsive plus the middle hard is extremely annoying keep hitting the touch buttons when I try and press it. So fed up with the phone!!!

  • blaze99

can anyone tell me the shutter speed of this phone and the picture quality?

  • wasi

Vince, 07 Aug 2008well. I'm plan to sold my n82 to change into this secret. hon... moretrust me, you wont regret it :)

  • Vince

wasi, 07 Aug 2008my phone doesnt lag and i can make calls wherever and whenever i... morewell.
I'm plan to sold my n82 to change into this secret.
honestly yes it is true that i didn't need a Wifi device phone
so i ill considering to buy unWifi phone.
thx for all your review

  • wasi

Vince, 07 Aug 2008but really my n82 is really bad and terrible i can't even make ... moremy phone doesnt lag and i can make calls wherever and whenever i want (isnt that the actual purpose of a mobile? lol)

agreed that it doesnt have the features of the N82 but it looks alot better,carbon fiber, leather, tampered glass!. only major feature missing out on Secret is Wifi which i personally dont ever need (in a phone that is).

  • Vince

Mark, 07 Aug 2008im afraid not:)..but really my n82 is really bad and terrible
i can't even make a call when i needed
well it's not all the time
but when i want to have a serious call
all i see is "network busy"
i try to change the card but still it's the same
any suggestion?

  • Mark

Vince, 07 Aug 2008please can someone tell me. i have n82 right now and i am reall... moreim afraid not:)..

  • Vince

please can someone tell me.
i have n82 right now and i am really disappoint with it because sometimes it lag and i can't even make a call.
So I'm plan to change mine into Secret.
Is Secret is better than n82?