LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • Grgas

The Phone is good, had some few defectiveness but is OK.

  • TS

i would like to know whether i sholud buy this phone?
what are the things that in not good about the phone?

  • Anonymous

James, 15 Jun 2009hi people. Can anyone help me please? I'm finding difficult to d... moreu kp500 its very good mobile

  • James

hi people. Can anyone help me please? I'm finding difficult to decide which phone should I buy. I really like K770i since last year and the price here in the Philippines for K770i is about P6000+, but suddenly I saw this LG KP500 cookie, I also like that phone. Right now, I cant really decide which phone to buy. Please, can somebody help? And, is it worth to buy K770i event if I have w610i phone right now? Thank you very much.

  • Kirby

Hey I want toe buy me this phone but does the screen function works wel with mxit(alot) 2-4 hours a day

  • Toño from México

If you want a fashion statement or simply a good-looking phone and a cheap choice, the LG cookie is for you.

If you want performance, features this is not your best choice.

I bought it around 18 USD in a 18 month contract, but this is not a good phone, the battery-life is too short, the handsfree included quality is poor, what's about the camera? is crap!, in the night the pictures taken appears like grayscale, only can be installed around 20 games, in my sony k550 i've had 150 games and 30 applications in a 1gb memory.

If you are listening music with the handset, the battery might support only 6 hours of playback, my k550 can support around 20 hours.

I'l buy a crackberry 8220, thank god that i sold this c.r.a.p

sorry my primitive english!

  • gaji

hi i m gajichopra i form delhi i used this ph ilike it bettire back up is good i love LG ko thankkkkkkkkkk u

  • jai

i like this phone. free touch& morethen fueture

  • eldyikuki

is there an audio adapter which can able to use other earphones or headphones? tnx

  • myka

this can only support up to 8gb.not 16gb.cause i have this.

  • Arifeen

A great phone.Surely,Too much better than iphone.
My bro has a iphone 3g who commented that.
But a 3.5 mm converter is needed for full music freedom.
anyone can help (espiacially in BD)?

  • Anonymous

does this phone have the koi/ fish theme that was in the lg viewty and the lg prada? thanks!

  • tall

with no wireless I don't like it....

  • Rohan

Hey guys,

Which phone is better Samsung STAR or LG Cookie???

what do u think??

  • Anonymous

the battery life is really good as it lasts for five straight days with normal use (calls, camera, music). the secret though is that you must low the screen lightning down to 40%. the LG Cookie is a great phone for those who ask for a touchscreen( is very responsive)
a mediocre camera, a light and thin devise which can be carried in a pocket easily. if you search something like that i definitely suggest the LG Cookie. i bought it myself

  • xxx33xxx

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2009No it doesn't have any TV output..oh, it could have been sooo much better if it had. it's a very good phone anyway. thanks..

  • Timmy

Hey guys i got a new cookie from the Optus shop and you can run it on virgin if you want I did it and it works fine. As well it does lose it's charge quickly IF YOU PLAY LOADS OF MUSIC AND MOVIES. if you got one and you want to play movies use this site to convert movies to the RIGHT format because this is a rare format and is had to find.
http://www.miksoft.net/mobileMediaConverterDown.­htm this is the best software for this phone. THIS SITE HAS NO VIRUSES SO IT IS REALLY GOOD. What ever you do do not dis it it is a good phone for what it costs so get over it....


  • Trevene

Hey all, I got the cookie recently and find it very good. I love the operating system as its very user friendly. One thing though if it had a 3G camera I think it’s a pretty good deal for the money you pay. I Love it Cheers.

  • Aldrin

Hi guys,

I will buy this maybe july 1, or after that day...can't wait for that day... :-)

I don't believe also for bad comments,, it's really depend on how a user will use it ,

Try to appreciate and you will be satify. ;-)


  • Anonymous

karl king, 11 Jun 2009I use the Cookie for 2 months and don't like it. The battery cha... moreKARL...I think u r S2PiD...when u play 2 much with something it will easily get buStEd...U should have bought ur self with a GAME & Watch...Dont Compare Apple with Guava!!!