LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • Anonymous

can you turn the sound off when you take a picture?
can you attach any headphones to it?
does it hang or restart often?
and what other things come with it like usb cable, handsfree etc?

i reaally need to know. i want to buy this in a couple of days.

  • angel

Nitin Khanna, 16 May 2009What was the price u r looking for.........im selling my lg cookie im not looking for a cookie

  • Anonymous

does this phone compatible in themes

  • leena

hai friends iam planning to buy this mobile.can anyone tell me about its style, picture clearity,sound effect,camera clearity.i'm waiting for yours reply. please please please please please please

  • Erick

This device like the Viewty deserves sales success. It is fabulous value. It also has a very good feature set. And by installing opera mini browser on this device you have a great web device. Strongly recommende.

  • Man of Phones

Thank you Sammeer for your opinion on LG KP500.

  • dean

hi im from ireland i want 2 no how much da fone is in euro TNX PPL

  • Anonymous

Thrasher, 15 May 2009Can anyone tell me if this has the reminder like the Motorolas t... moreyou can enable it, by default is off

  • junadi

my question is does this cell phone work wireless connection

  • soumyadip

Olive, 15 May 2009Hi i just got lg kp500 3 days ago and i can say it a very good p... moreofcourse ur right my friend. i have also bought one on 10th of may. its a good phone.

  • Nitin Khanna

angel, 14 May 2009if your looking for cheap lg cookie you can post your number and... moreWhat was the price u r looking for.........

  • luis

I'm not sure about buying this one, I need a final veredict about the problems that this COOKIE have, or the name of another one better with the same price

  • Prodigal

Thrasher, 15 May 2009Can anyone tell me if this has the reminder like the Motorolas t... moreIt has settings. :

  • q

2so, 13 May 2009Good day, I was a proud owner of the KP500 until I came across ... moreseems more like a problem with the songs(files) you want to run.

  • Olive

Hi i just got lg kp500 3 days ago and i can say it a very good phone.i owned lg renoir nokia 5800 .iphone 3g.and samsung f480 but i find this one the good one lucks 3g wifi and gps but i dont use that so im happy with this phone a lot better then all i had they were harder to use i like that u can set up language i find my language i set up on lg and im impressed with phone all the best cheers

  • Anonymous

i think this is acheaper version of the iphone great for people on a bugit with a decent camera and ita customizable to i do think the qwerty key board is small but u cud just use the stylus eh?

  • Thrasher

Can anyone tell me if this has the reminder like the Motorolas that the phone beeps or vibrates every five minutes until you read you message, reminder or view your missed call?
This is a feature I cannot live without so I hope this phone has it...

  • Domagoj

an add to my review...i've tried to pair my mr. handsfree wireless bluetooth handset to this phone, but without success...SE wireless h. too...
can anyone tell me is it possible to pair and which one wireless bluetooth handset? maybe LG HMB-770? does it work with this phone?

  • Afshaan

Sameer, 11 May 2009I have been using this phone for past 2-3 days and i am ready wi... moreYou know I was sort of confused whether I shud get this phone or the brand new Samsung S5230..now I know that I'm buying the Samsung one..it's the same price and I'll check for these flaws before I make the purchase..Thanks Sameer, ur comments were funny too :)

  • need2know

can anyone enumerate all the problems regarding the LG cookie. because a lot of people saying its damn go0d..and a lot of people are saying its the biggest mistake. can anyone tell the truth?