LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • xica_apaixionada

the lg kp500 cookie is a movil very beautiful your colors and others capacity. vere well cookie!

  • Anonymous

mel (harrogate, uk), 27 Dec 2008hey, just go into the carphone warehouse. i got mine online from... moreive tried 4 different carphone warehouses and none of them in stock

thanks anyway ive had to get one delievered

thank you x

  • Anonymous

how much does it cost in UAE

  • Ned

I got mine just yesterday and can't leave it for a second, I always want to feel it in my hand, it's so addictive! :)
I can't see any disadvantiges, the camera quality at night only, great software for PC, great screen, great music and video player, absolutely amazing games, good enough battery life. Working with stilus is like a charm! Go and get one!

  • rody

Hy everyone!I bought this phone today, i have been playing with it for 5 hours and i can say this is the best possible phone i its price range. Touch screen works better then htc diamond, its has features like the ipod, and its fun to use. Go get it!!!

  • mel (harrogate, uk)

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2008im definetly gettin this fone but i dont know where to get it... morehey, just go into the carphone warehouse. i got mine online from mobiles.co.uk, which is apparently part of the carphone warehouse. only got it for 99. its 160 instore. gud luck xx

  • Anonymous

to all lg cookie owners, much better to register first your handset, and reaf most of the manual so you can know how to troubleshoot your handset,

  • :P

this phone is pants and freezes and turns its self off. if you wangt a decent touch screen phone go for the viewty for an extra 50 its worth it!!

  • jade

who is it whos selling lg cookie?

  • Anonymous

im definetly gettin this fone

but i dont know where to get it

everywhere i go it is sold out

i live in england, tamworth

please help! x

  • laura

Jundi Mund, 17 Dec 2008Im getin this fone for christmas and after looking at the opinio... moreit was released sometime in december 08

  • sharqy

sorry if i have to ask, but does it have a "DRAG&DROP" feature? i need it especially for sorting my files (pics & videos).
otherwise, HOW DO YOU SORT THESE FILES TO A SPECIFIC FOLDER. need answers ASAP. thanks!

  • Anonymous

can you check the version of the firmware before buying it? how can you check which version are you using?

  • charlii_5800

got mine last december 24, its so nice, only features not included in the package is wlan and 3g connection, the camera doesnt seem to be nice especially having a shot during night time and it has no flash, but its good during daytime, battery juice seem to be ok, depends on how you use the cp,overall its a very good cp for its price.

  • Vivek

charis, 26 Dec 2008i just got this phone this christmas as a present, its very easy... moreWell I am thinking of buying this phone after reading these opinions. Well whats the price and in which countries is it available.


Needs Answers, 23 Dec 2008Alsoo . . . is the camera as bad as everyone says ? yhhhh the camraaa has got lines all ovaaaa its realii anoying im realii disopointed with ittt

  • LW

CF, 23 Dec 2008I just got the Black cookie n not allowed it yet n it lok ssssso... morei'm thinkin about gettin this fne

would it be a good choice?

  • cookie

can we get the LG viewty li-ion battery 1000mah for LG cookie? the 900mah battery of cookie drains so fast.

  • Anonymous

i finally got my cookie and i love it.

if your gonna get it then get it in plain black . it is a beautiful phone !

dont think twice ... GET IT

  • cookie

zstsc, 26 Dec 2008REBOOTING PROBLEMS: i got this phone for about 2 days.. so f... morewe got the same problem, no need for a replacement. its in the system. try calling LG phils. at tel. no. 6402525 maybe they can help us. im from philippines too. tnx! mine is KP500AT_V10c too.