LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • Anonymous

but can I be online and chat with friends on facebook from my lg ?

  • Anonymous

x3chocoholic, 05 Nov 2010of course,since it has GPRS u can go online :)but can I be online and chat in facebook with my lg ?

  • donovan

where can i download games for my lg cookie :(....someone plz help :(

  • meow

is it wifi ready?

  • x3chocoholic

stephanie snaggs, 05 Nov 2010could i get facebook on my lg cookie ?of course,since it has GPRS u can go online :)

  • stephanie snaggs

could i get facebook on my lg cookie ?

  • Vaisakh

How to unlock the sim locked type cookie

  • HOBO

use XMedia Recode to convert your video clips just choose kp500 from the list i think its the best program to do that.

  • majid asadollahpour

to all cookie users!
when you want to convert your favorite videos use jet audio.it has an option which eliminates the black bars on the screen I mean it can convert your videos so that you can watch them in full screen mode on your cookie.
enjoy your cookie.

  • majid

when I record some sport matches or other thing and then convert and transfer them to my phone and listen to them via handsfree the sound of the reporter is not clear and sounds like screem.whats the reason?
forgive me for poor english.

  • Bianca.

I had this phone in the past and I have to say it is not worth the money. It is way to sensible, the battery life is way to short and I had a lot of problems with its sudden restarts. I recommend you not to buy this way because it is a waste of money.

  • Anonymous

jahir, 20 Oct 2010i bought kp500, but now its ring tone isn't working &bi m no... morehow did you solve ur prob with ur LG cookie that doesnt sound?


how much is it worht now?

  • richu

majid asadullahpour, 27 Oct 2010can you tell me how did you do the master reset?go to settings and go to resetsettings and give the password 0000 and press ok..it is ok give me repley

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2010please guys. does it support arabic languageso! not every one needs to speek arabic

  • dave

the phone is ok touch screen can be tempermental but its not been a bad experience the last 18 months

  • Anonymous

this mobile is not good at all its touch screen is not so good..i have been using this for 16 months i got problem about 10 times .so, guys dont buy this phone.its waste of your money...

  • Anonymous

I Think this phone will be good if it has 3G,flash .its touch screen is too bad..

  • ashik

majid asadullahpour, 27 Oct 2010can you tell me how did you do the master reset?hai guys.. LG kp500 touch perfomance is not gud camera is quality is not gud for 3megaphical...

  • majid asadullahpour

Sameer, 27 Oct 2010i am using it from almost one year. its really good. but recent... morecan you tell me how did you do the master reset?