LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • tahmid369

my cookie gets really hot when charging.. why does it happen?? can ny1 helo plz?? nd how can i get rid of this prob??

  • Anonymous

i just got my kp500 so far no problems detected...i planned to buy the kf350 next

  • jahir

i bought kp500, but now its ring tone isn't working &bi m not hearing phone calls. but people can listen my voice. can anybody advice me what should i do?

  • Fallin Angel

the battery life doesnt last very long as i have had the phone for a year now an it only lasts for 3 hours give or take

  • Anonymous

nice mobile.very affordable.only problem is youtube doesnt work .

  • ash

i have had this fone since an year and it gets stuck quite frequently.

  • sirisha

very nice and cute.we are fully satisfied with this mobile

  • Bond

Folder lock facilties is there in this mobile or not? If yes where should I get it.

  • Rob

My phone is barely 6mnths but am already considering givin it away,it doesn detect anymore whether to view landscape or normal, buttons on da screen can't be pressed, screen smudges,

  • reza

very nice!!!

  • xoxo

Hi can I download themes on my phone(LG KP500) ??Is it wifi ready or not?? Thanks :)

  • gowtham(pinky)

nice mobile....but battery back up is little bit low....other specifications are best......if 3g is available it would be the best of best...

  • Anonymous

This phone is much better than kp500 check this out! http://www.gsmarena.com/lg_gw520-2814.php

  • Anonymous

sudheer, 15 Oct 2010how to update the phone go to http://mylgcookie.com you can find how to update firmware

  • tanveer khushabi

kp500 is very senstiv in use i think that kp500 is 50 50 not good not bad

  • sudheer

sharathj, 14 Oct 2010dis is the worst mobile which i have used till now.So please fri... morehow to update the phone

  • sharathj

dis is the worst mobile which i have used till now.So please friends dnt even try to buy dis mobile

  • paigen

ive got this phone, love it. the internet is good if you download opera mini, pic quality is a bit crapbut everythin else is ok

  • syed

Ans, 13 Oct 2010i'm in project to buy a LG KP 500. So, do u think could i buy one? Its a vest phone , camara is bad quality, photo call is very small size. we cant chang theems.

  • trinichica

just got this phone and its the worst........ when you get a message and you try to read it, it takes a while even when you select the message plus and the message tone continues to go on and on. the touch screen is the worst.. internet is ok though