LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • Phume

hi Guys,

today i ordered the kP500 and the nokia 2730...

after reading the bad comments...mostly bad, i am a bit discouraged...

Guys, how fast is the internet on this phone? How big is the memory? Does it slide open?

  • Ans

i'm in project to buy a LG KP 500. So, do u think could i buy one?

  • Anonymous

if u chat dn it izzz nt a good fone... its touch izz very bad,,,,nnn bakkii no themes....


a phone with no problems doesn't exists! must take care with,this apply to any model/any brand.good phone 4 its price,an all in one gadget,my favorite specs are the two-different wallpapers ability widget/contact - screens,never get bored
and the movie player-mp4,clear image & sound - avatar ,resident evil , matrix ,mad max ,some live concert etc. my 8gb card almost full ,perhaps must try a 16gb one..... and for the best photos worldwide ,go to photo.net

  • shami

this mobile phone is good i like the system and it works great, i didn't have any problem this phone.

  • Anonymous

I have this phone for about a year now. One major issue, it lags like crazy.

  • Slim

Prax, 11 Oct 2010do nt purchase d fone. vry bad touchscreen.i agree wit u... a very bad phone.... my screen is messed up and i didnt even do nothing to it....

  • Shet

Have this phone for year aprox. In the first was so excited but after a while the problem begun, the touch is so SO crazy, sometimes it just not recognize touches, some time the touch screen just "slipping" down, i mean when u presses "7" its put "1" instead and so one on all screen, removing buttery, and recalibration not helping

  • Anonymous

no place of 3G unable handset i

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for almost a year now and it's really good but it gets boring after a while. Touchscreen phones get boring after a while unless it is a good one like a iphone which has loads of new things. I now want a new phone.

  • bond

this phone is one bad phone it turns its self on ,doesn't resive/send measeges and calls and is no good hope thise helps me xxxxxooooooppppp

  • Prax

do nt purchase d fone.
vry bad touchscreen.

  • Vels Prem

This is a good phone..... you can buy...

  • Anonymous

I thought to buy a KB500, is it good?

  • boo

When lg cookie has incoming call there is no sound and can't hear the caller no incoming sound

  • Anonymous

i dont think so.....
this cell phone has reasonable speed & good sound Quality

  • Anonymous

I am going to buy this phone and i was wondering if it was fast or slow??? like if it takes forever to type a text message or whatever???

  • Anonymous

does it have good sound quality

  • nakisha

this phone is so slow and the screen sucks... i have to wait to 0pen something else when i am in something

  • nixair

marmutmerah, 03 Oct 2010Which one's better LG KP500 cookie or Samsung S3650 corby? Ple... moreI prefer LG KP500 than Samsung's COrby, KP500 has touch calibration which makes your TS more sensitive but Corby doesn't have it, and KP500's speaker is better than Corby's.