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LG KS360

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  • Dylan : )

evelynne, 28 Feb 2009Targeting music buffs, the LG KS360 features a 3 megapixel camer... moreHey, im replying to someones question.

The touch screen is for typing in the phone numbers instead of using the QWERTY pad. It only works for the numbers.

: )

  • Lee

guys you must remember that this is a lower class version of an htc or a high class phone,. which means that it has a gr8 look and funky ekstra's but without the power,. this phone was invented so that we who cant spend alot can also enjoy a bit of the pleasure an expensive phone offers, thus dont expect the power behind this phone,. its a normal phone with gr8 looks.

  • 5k17z0_pHr3n1c

Is there a high performance battery or only the standard one?

  • rd

any one try the 4GB???
how was it??? does it hang or make your phone slow???

  • shaz

i dont like this phone!!!!!

  • Tom

Best phone ive ever seen, and used.
This phone has won awards, for the compact and realible quality awards.
Great design, Nothing EVER goes wrong, cheap!
Best phone EVER.
Buy it!!!.
5 out of 5


angie, 01 Mar 2009does realy the phone have a piece of plastic in the back?No it is just there as they have taken the picture when it was on a stand.


I still haven't yet got the phone but i dont no weather to get it! Everyone says it frezzes and some people dont. I think i proberly will get the phone as i keep going on to my dad about it lol!! I think he is fed up by now!!

  • 50 cent

CAROLINE, 26 Feb 2009tis phone is rubbish i got my 1week nd it's already broken, this... morei bout dis 4 my fans an dey wer 100's an dey wer lyk dis fone is wicked this fone helped me pull dose chicks.

  • angie

does realy the phone have a piece of plastic in the back?

  • Anonymous

i noe its well kl xxxxxx

  • evelynne

Targeting music buffs, the LG KS360 features a 3 megapixel camera along with video recording option with four different color effects and 4x digital zoom. The phone has a double touch sensitive display together with music control keys. ???????

  • Anonymous

This phone is one of the best ive ever seen!.
For its price and its design is just great.
Ive had this phone now for 2 months and it DOESNT freeze!.
I totally recommended!.
Do you like style, battery, quality? this is the phone for you!!.
i love it!!!.
10 OUT OF 10!!

  • anonymous

this fone sez lifes good yeh the battery life! ma frends brought it and sez is great and they loves it but there so stupid they only like it coz of the design! theres no poin havin a fone thats nice but FREEZES! and theres no ponit getting such an expensive phone for a kid

  • Anonymous

I've had the phone for about 2 months: the main issue I have with it is the speed of operation (or the lack thereof), even though I'm now used to it.
The lag when switching between programs sometimes takes close to 10 seconds! Regardless I'm satisfied with it as it was the best phone for the price, and I really wanted that full keboard.
The battery doesn't last long if you use the full keybord a lot :( and the phone becomes even slower with a large memory card :(
Bottom line: best phone for the price.

it looks like a realy good phone i wuld like to know just how much it costs its for a assignment in commerce and i have to find the cheapest one thanks

  • caroline

I got my phone 1week 'nd it's already broken,
The same story with another one of Lg
My sister 'nd her boyfriend also have the same type of phone 'nd they have the same story ,it just shut itselfs off nd the display doesn't work anymore..
This phone totally sucks !!


tis phone is rubbish i got my 1week nd it's already broken, this phone is so cute nd nice, nd i loved it also when i saw it for the first time,but this phone sucks !!!!

  • Bridence

Its very rare to find a handset these days that doesnt freeze... look at the iphone, it freezes all the time

  • Jacob

iv got my phone for the last 3 days battery life on my phone last about 2days,im happy with the phone just a bit warried about my battery life.