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my friend might be getting the phone but untill then is here any 1 on her with the phone coz i would like to no if it frezzes please. hopefuly i can get the pink 1!!

  • pink lover

i dont no i think it does i have herd loads of coments about it and its a good phone but some people have said it frezzes. its best to ask around, or speak to someone who has the phone.



I am 10 and i really want this phone but cant afford it
i want to no if it frezzes.i have read coments and i would like to point out this.I have read all the info i need but it doesn't say if it freezes.


  • dodo

i think this phone is great,,,, in our school we have a compatetion in drawing the winner will have this phone i joined it and i hope that i win the present
pray for me :0 bye

  • Lauren

Someone told me it's memory is rubbish, and freezes alot..
Is that true?

  • candy girl

candy girl, 25 Feb 2009its a very nice fone im getting 1 also on fridai and i want a br... moreis the quality of the fone up 2 standard?

  • candy girl

groovy girl, 25 Feb 2009i should hav got mi fone yesterdai but if get a good skool repor... moreits a very nice fone im getting 1 also on fridai and i want a britter blue 1.......................mchwaaa im loving it

  • awd ccccccccsd

how do u dowload/get msn[24/7?]??

  • groovy girl

i should hav got mi fone yesterdai but if get a good skool report todai i will get it on fridai xx i think im gonna get a good report so i cant wait xxxx( im gettin blue)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2009can the phone support themes?yep it can

  • Anonymous

Ive had this phone a few weeks and love it. its easy to use once you work it out ive got the pink. now my daughter wants one

  • Anonymous

can the phone support themes?

  • s4s

buy cheap buy twice thats wat everyone says
i wouldnt trust it $200 is not worth the money well i think save it or wait untill they have upgraded the phone so it works better im telling u its not worth the wast of time and money just wait even no there well be a new and better phone out before u know it and maybe cheaper hahaha by the way dont get the green one it looks highlighter yellow hahah.

  • Anonymous

YES there are case's for them there the hard seethrough plastic case u can get them for $15 at optus shops hahahah

  • Jesss

red, 22 Feb 2009can i play my music in background or in minimize in this phone???Yeah you can minimize music player.. but you can't play a game with the music (your own) on

  • Cookies ;]

red, 22 Feb 2009can i play my music in background or in minimize in this phone???Yes, you can.

  • cookies ;]

I have this phone. It is really fun to play with especially the thread messaging. I haven't figure out how to put OZ Mobile IM *(program from T-MOBILE where you can sign on aim, msn, and yahoo using txt message) but hopefully I can figure out how to put that on. With this phone, I can check my email from yahoo for free (using tmobile wap) and etc. I gave the blue one to my boyfriend but I am getting a pink one tomorrow. ;] This phone is really fun to play with and I am also trying to figure out how to make the whole thing touch screen rather than just the dialing. =] When I figure it out, I'll get back to you guys about it, ^_

  • conor

if i get it on o2 does it still have facebook, bebo, my space and msn please comment me back at


  • KS 360 LOVER

Can someone please tell me how can I mxit and listen to music at the same time please ?

  • Johann

I recently got this phone and loving it, only problem is how big is the file limit to be send via pc to phone over bluetooth connection as it want to save it on phone memory. eg want to send mp3 to the phone it keeps on telling me "not enough free memory" - i have a 2 gb memcard installed