LG KS360

LG KS360

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  • Helen

Does anyone know how to download songs onto this phone to use as ringtones cos I am having real trouble - they either say format not supported or are copyrighted so you can't use them as a ringer. Also, does anyone know whether there is a downloadable software package to go with the USB?


  • TJ

Phonebook: 1000 entries
is that 1000 contacts each with multiple numbers e.g. home, work, mobile?
or is that 1000 numbers shared among all contacts?

  • Ibrahim

i got this phone so beep off

  • abdul

i am buying this new gud mobile nd it is realli gud the sound is high nd i cant stop putting it down so buy it now if not ill throw a book at your head....lolz jks

  • punjab

superman , 18 Oct 2008no there is no way to make fully touch screen only in your dream... morelets throw another shrimp on the baaaaaaarbiiiiee!!!

fully sick touch screen bro...

  • Nick

Greate phone... Will enjoy jusing this phone. Nearly ewrything is perfect...

  • Anonymous

some problems could be changing the themes. anyway, this phone is ok:sound is loud, u can play games on it(not all of them works well), writing the messages is easy, the touchscreen is ok(it would be great if we could make it full touchscreen :D )
about the sliding part, it doesn't have problems.


every phone has its disadvantages as far as i know. what about this phone, anybody who has encountered problems so far?

  • amber

I realy like the look and sound of this phone i think im going to buy it but i have been looking at other phones and there is some other good ones of it.

  • superman

no there is no way to make fully touch screen only in your dreams unfortunetly

  • cdt322

is there any way to make it fully touch screen

  • cdt322

is there any way to make it fully touch screen

  • B -Boy Racces

this is a sweet phone. got mine 2 days ago and am loving it a lot, just needs better talk time (",)
the sound is gr8 and the screen is good and i like the look. REMEMBER this is not a $1000,000.00 phone

  • superman

normally colours are allocated to certain country codes thats why you have seen many different colours on the net however sometimes colours can leak into other countries, so hears hoping, i like the blue one.

  • superman

to trainee no this phone is not compatable with 3 unless bought from 3 however it will work with optus.

  • Anonymous

Does any one know if this phone comes in all colours with boost or if it is only red???

  • any_anemona

I bought this phone today, 3 hours after seeing it at my local Orange Shop, and i can honestly say that i was amazed by how it looks.
My previous phone was a Lg Shine, and there is no comparison between those2. My shine was soooo slow, the sound sound was barely there, and it took 30 seconds ( yes, i counted) to load my playlist. And it could barely hold my 2gb card. In comparison to The LG Shine, this phone is way better. The sound is great ( with the headphones is even great) , it works pretty fast, the texting gets easier with every SMS, and it also has Radio, and it supports a 4GB card.
Mayve i am just too into it right now, but in my oppinion,it is more than a decent phone. :D

  • Anonymous

i realised that there are few java games for this phone and also the themes. i can't change it only with the 2 default themes from the phone.
if anyone know how to pun a new theme or find java games for this phone(games that are working), please tell us.

  • Anonymous

I like this phone because of the QWERTY Keyboard. The design is very nice and I realy like the touch screen when you dial. The pictures comes out pretty good and it is not heavy at all compared to others qwerty phones.

  • natalie

paula, 14 Oct 2008does it have a flash? i have a k800i and love it but i love the ... moreno it doesn't have a flash but its really good for a 2mp camera