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LG KS360

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  • Vincee

Chris, 22 Jul 2010I bought lgks360 just recently but the battery life is poor and ... moreFrom what country are you Chris??Hope not the Philippines.Coz I really love the phone but I don't have it yet.Urgh

  • Vincee

Michelle, 15 Jul 2010Actually, the released of this phone here in the Philippines, it... moreI'm planning to buy this phone though many have negative comments about this gadget.I saw this last night in a mall; and everything went fine.Hope I can have it very soon.Excited bout it :))

  • Chris

I bought lgks360 just recently but the battery life is poor and the network reception too. It keeps on hunging wen im browsing pliz advice

  • Anonymous

Camera photos are good but its video is horrible.
poor front buttons very hard to use...gona sell it soon.

  • tredesday

I bought my daughter the KS360. However she only used it for a couple of months. It started losing reception. Now it doesnt get reception at all. Does anyone know if this is fixable?
PLEASE EMail me .....tredesday@gmail.com

  • charlie

guys which site can i visit to get the pc uite for this fone i want to download my pix to my computer,,PLZZZZZ help.

  • Sechaba

Well I don knw wts da story coz I jas cnt snd email with dis toy, notta mntion da fct that itaks excrutiatingly slow on jas about evrythang...eish!

  • Anonymous

dont know wat u all are on about when i play my music my phone doesnt switch off it has no problems at all

  • Anonymous

Hi i haven't even had this phone for a year yet and it freezes, takes a long time to do things, sometimes it turns itself off and when texting it will go from the bottom and continue typing from the start. other than that it is a good phone it takes great pictures but u will have to take it in around the 9 month you have it.

  • Nazt_Lant

hmmm the only problem i have on this phone ...late respond its like freezing...>,< but its quiet tough fall many time hahaha XD

  • Amzyy

HI the keyboardsss brilliant.. but omgg i dont know whats wrong with it now.. i haven't even had it for a full year and the battery needs to be charged like literally 4 or 5 times a day, and all i do is text a little. Before it was fine.. CAn SUMBODY HELLLLPPP?

  • Michelle

Actually, the released of this phone here in the Philippines, it didn't have any issue like those of you experienced. I can say that it is a great phone and it never shutdown on me. I am able to listen to the music fine and able to browse the internet absolutely great. The only cons I can say is that I cant find any themes for this phone but I can live with it. I am a text addict and I can give this phone the best rating.

  • Anonymous

I also have some problems with the phone. I takes time for you to go through different options and also after listening to only one song on the mp3 player it always switches itself off and then comes back on.

  • Anonymous

ive not used dis phone for up to a year it does not read the memory card says bad format error switches off unessarily im frustrated

  • kat

this phone is unbelievably faulty i don't like to be negative but this phone dissapointed me so much like many others. My phone freezes, turns off at the worst of times, is unable to sync my SD once inserted and won't load any photos, music etc off the SD card from my computer it is totally unreliable and the reception in calls is bumpy. Sometimes i get so fustrated i want to ditch my phone into the ocean ;) Hence i wouldnt recomend this phone if your not a patient person...

  • Tetlow

why does it turn itself off and delete my contacts?

  • *123

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2010its very bad to use . it ll struck automtically .very slow . not... morecan i buy this mobile as i am student?

  • Anonymous

nikki , 07 Jul 2010i jus wana ask if this is a good fone cause i am planning to buy... moreHi
No i wouldn't say it is a great phone i have had mine for only a year and i have already had to take it in twice.The first time because it kept on freezing on me and then again because the volume wasn't working. So i personally wouldn't recommend getting this phone. Rather get another one...

  • Nozipho

I've had this phone for a month and the radio does no longer work, when I switch it on, it say wait and then it closes the multimedia. Why is it doing that?

  • Anonymous

its very bad to use . it ll struck automtically .very slow . nothin gud in it .