LG Nexus 4 E960

LG Nexus 4 E960

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It's been several years yet this phone is still usable! Wow!

  • Finnezty

This was my first high end smartphone, truly awesome. Sad to see LG stop making smartphones.

  • Mj

Cam J, 19 Nov 2020I used this phone for about a year second hand before I sta... moreI have it as a backup phone, running Android 10 " Carbon OS official build " smoothly (relatively speaking). This phone, unlike many new ones, was truly built to last.

  • Cam J

I used this phone for about a year second hand before I started getting contracted handsets. It most certainly functioned well and still holds up today (Despite only running android 5 it can run PUBG Mobile and the newer Nintendo Mobile games) However there are issues, Even though mine was supposedly second hand I can guess by the condition it arrived in that it had been used once or twice then just left in storage for years and despite the small amount of usage, within weeks the battery life became subpar and within 11 Months it was abyssmal causing me to just leave it to gather dust (Since I couldn't sell it as functioning for it took literally a day to charge the battery to a state for the phone to just boot). Overall I can reccomend this but please, buy a replacement battery for it ASAP, It will save so much time and you won't need to put up with it's ancient battery. Other than the battery it is a fantastic phone with stunning features for it's time of release and a brilliant, vibrant screen.

Oh! That battery life, I feel crying in pain even after seeing this. It's less than my Lumia 920!

  • MYF

With some help from custom ROM within XDA forum, the phone is running with Android 10. The only two things that cause the inconvenient is the lacking of LTE band. The original battery died long time ago. I had to put in a few replacement. Those replacements... well.. they all started at 80% full charged.

Just found this in a box with both a cracked screen and the new screen replacement. I got it working and installed Unlegacy from XDA. I'm now on Android 8.1 and it's running as well as new. Not worth much but as a phone it's really nice to see it supported and functioning for so long. Even the battery is working fine after 6 years in a box.

  • Anonymous

I'm still using it

  • N.

My second smartphone I had back in high school. Would admit I had a love-hate relationship with it lol
A great device, but it aged too quick against it's competitors; and with flaws including massive overheating for a phone and battery issues, I gave up on it a few years later and traded in for a HTC One M9 in senior year. Also this phone is relatively way less durable as my Nexus 4 suffered a fall of few inches from the ground and the next thing I saw was its touch sensor going useless, rendering my phone unable to be used any more. Had to dispose it off. But nonetheless, seeing this phone is another memory trip.

my second smartphone, such a great device
back then i didnt know there was a difference in android devices
i loved stock android without even knowing
still do to this very day!

  • 553

4 g lte only works with certain carriers in the us and no where else

  • Anonymous

Maddy, 05 Aug 2019It does not support 4G band.It does !

Best-looking Nexus ever made.

  • Maddy

Murugesh Sundaram, 01 Apr 2019Does the phone supports 4G sim? I have problem in connectin... moreIt does not support 4G band.

  • Murugesh Sundaram

Does the phone supports 4G sim? I have problem in connecting to mobile data after I switched to 4G

  • Murugesh Sundaram

Does the phone supports 4G sim? I have problem in connecting to mobile data after I switched to 4G

  • Google LG Nexus 4 US

This phone was used extensively by my son. It was a nice & cool gadget. Since he migrated to Apple Phone about 2 years ago, this phone is lying idle. However, I decided to try my hands on it. Its works fine except its response is a bit slow and battery is now poor.

Sometimes it goes into hibernation on its own forever (does not respond at all) and I had to hard press the switch on/off button to reboot it.

  • Nexus4-User

Still using mine daily as a work phone since Google had the runout sale in 2013 just before Hammerhead released (AU$299). Have replaced 2 batteries. Power button gets hopeless but benefits from disassemble and clean internally. Qi charging has been awesome for years. After 5 years the web browsing is now noticeably slower (comparative) to other devices. Today there was a special on Moto G6 Play AU$299. It's hardly better than the Nexus 4 I have for the same price - 5 years later... Best phone I have ever had.

Yes, my wife's Nexus 4 is over 4 years old and still going, but has a few problems. The main one is the on/off switch, which rarely works so we have to leave it on all the time; sometimes the battery runs out and takes forever to recharge. In performance comparisons with my Sony Xperia SP C5303, the Nexus beats the Sony hands down, and is more bulletproof. If I want to do web browsing, I use the Nexus-- much faster. Will keep using this phone until it dies, then consider upgrading to maybe Moto G6S Plus or Nokia 6.1. Will not get an iPhone on principle-- what a ripoff they are?

  • Anonymous

Dhanu1608, 05 Feb 2018I want to Buy Touch Sreen These Photo Where to Plz Tel Me I bought this touch screen for my E960, then I found the touch screen is laminated with the LCD display, when I separated them, the LCD display was broken too, https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Front-Panel-Glass-Lens-Replacement-for-LG-Google-Nexus-4-E960-Adhesive/32490868937.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.Zqv4AZ

I ended up buying this touch screen/ LCD/ and frame combination, it is fixed now. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4-5-Black-For-LG-Optimus-Google-Nexus-4-E960-LCD-Display-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Monitor/32834115682.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.Zqv4AZ