LG Nexus 4 E960

LG Nexus 4 E960

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AnonD-670209, 19 Sep 2017best phone of its era, i believe it still can compete in 201... moreGonna have to disagree with you on that since it doesn't have LTE

  • razibul

may phone softwer problem but no solishone

  • AnonD-670209

best phone of its era,

i believe it still can compete in 2016,, beside the battery..

i still have it, but the glass is broken..beautiful design,,best OS without bloatware, no lag..NFC gyrometer, barometer ,,

  • Ald

Having problem with video.It is uploaded through what'sapp and is not playing.
The message is an error.
Anyone knows what is going on ?

  • Amoxy

Aman, 11 Jul 2017LG Nexus 4 phone is good but power button is not working properl... moreFantastic phone, only con is battery issue (or how others have mentioned it turning off automatically.)

Mine was going strong for 4+ years, started having same problems. All I did was order a new battery online for it, now it's great again. I think the OEM battery just loses its capacity to hold a charge. But again, this is after 4 years, I'd arguably call that 'standard' :-)

TL;DR - Buy a New Battery Online for it, OEM if even possible.

  • AnonD-688802

Hi. Hope you guys doing great. Can i get best Nouget rom link (a stable one like original 5.1) for nexus 4?
Have a good day.

  • Mustafa

Mine is about 4.5 years old (I'm typing this on my Nexus 4 lol). Works great for the most part. Shut down automatically every once in a while and freezes once in a blue moon, but great otherwise. I've just ordered HTC One M9 and am waiting for it to arrive. Will pass this on to my brother in law, God willing.

  • Aman

LG Nexus 4 phone is good but power button is not working properly and its powered off suddenly and sometime hang don't know why??

  • Anonymous

Phone has good specs but fails to utilize them.

Its a good phone for $135 on ebay but I have to reset quite often because power button fails to work or the phone freezes or hangs. Its like its got a massive brain but doesn't know how to use it.
The 5MP camera is terrible though. Compared to an iphone 4 its crap (i don't like apple btw)
Still, for the price, I'm happy to put up with its faults since it does pretty much everything.

  • Anonymous

Yes, has 4G.

But wasn't very easy to make work. Search on XDA Forum to enable any 4g band in any Qualcomn chipset.

  • paul

battery easy to replace, good phone

  • McLovin

It's still working like a charm with nougat Rom and unlocked 4g .the problem is battery can't handle 4g connection for a long time

  • McLovin

ashith, 10 Mar 2017sir, does 4G works on nexus 4?yes you need to unlock it .search for manuals how to install a rom which support it

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2017No, 3g onlyYah it will work, u have change in administration settings

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2017Im still using this from 2013me too :D now it's time to buy new One.. Pixel XL

  • Anonymous

ashith, 10 Mar 2017sir, does 4G works on nexus 4?no 4g on nexus 4

  • Anonymous

Ashith, 10 Mar 2017Does 4G works on nexus 4 ?? No, 3g only

  • Anonymous

Im still using this from 2013

  • ashith

Brainless, 14 Feb 2017I just put inside new genuine battery, so probably I will use it... moresir, does 4G works on nexus 4?

  • Ashith

Does 4G works on nexus 4 ??