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LG Nexus 5X

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  • Dobvius

Umar, 16 Sep 20152700mAH is not enough. Yes it is. 1080p screen and a snapdragon 808? 2700mAh will take you through the day.

  • Umar

2700mAH is not enough.

  • Android 69 iOS

GSM Arena only posted rumored specs / images guys and gals. Android 6.0 has a stable dev release from google that i am running on my nexus 5 (old) and it works way better cyogenmod releases for one plus. Spec are not every thing especially if you ever used windows phones or IOS which tend to have sub par specs over Android phones. But if you have every used those other models then you would not it is one of the most fluid experiences. Look at Samsung phones which are power houses-but need to bee because of sloppy software engineers. I Have had over 38 different smart phones and the Nexus line is by far the best experience on a android platform from a software stand point. If you don't want reboot you phone for a long period of time like months or years then get a Nexus. If you like rebooting you phone on a daily basis (after about 5 months classic) then get samsung. If want eye candy and good software experience but low end specs get an APPLE if you want the most fluid experience on a phone but with out a lot of apps then get windows phone ( might change with windows 10 droid emulation on the 940). Nexus rocks and they are the best

  • Anonymous

I wouldn't pay anything over $300 for this phone. Maybe that's the plan...?


The problem here is, No memory slot. Really? They really are trying to imitate an iphone.

  • android user

please tell me how this nexus 5 2015 will be a success without android 6.0 ?

  • smart not like u

NexusD, 13 Sep 2015My next nexus~!!!!becose latest android becose nexus is google

  • leoD

Mediocre phone. I'd rather keep my 2013 Nexus 5.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2015this will be a great phone on 400$ max...u will only get th... moreNexus devices were never meant to be flagships, as far as I remember

  • Anonymous

this will be a great phone on 400$ max...u will only get this for his android future updates and that's it....it isn t best at anything else. Mediocre proc, ram, display, camera etc...i'm so sad to see nexus fail again :(

  • NexusD

My next nexus~!!!!

  • android user

why indroid 5.1.1 ??!!!!! why google?!!

  • Humair7

Well I am already a Nexus 5 (2013) user and was waiting to get a new phone with good specs and VIOLA here it is the new NEXUS 5 (2015) or NEXUS 5X whatever its called so yeah i am eagerly waiting on its launch and will be buying it Inshaa Allah.....:)

  • Anonymous

lg user, 10 Sep 2015lg g2 is still a capable device i wonder if lg will update ... moreit will skip 5.1.1 and go to marshamallow directily lol lg g2 has alot of care from 4.2.2 to 6.0

  • Bhaskar

Hahaha it isn't coming wid lollipop it is coming with 6.0 marshmallow.

  • lg user

lg g2 is still a capable device i wonder if lg will update it after all,at least they should updated to 5.1.1 and end it like the king still its,it is even better than a lot of midrangers and better than a few flagships in battery performace.

  • Naveen

Disappointed with these specifications

  • Anonymous

The Nexus 5X should come with Android 6.0 Marschmallow. Also the resolution will likely be more than FullHD (according the leaks).

  • AnonD-300517

Hawk, 09 Sep 2015My LG G2 has 32GB and 3000mAh battery, so no comparison to ... moreYour G2 doesn't have a fingerprint sensor, USB-C, Doze, Now-On-Tap, granular app permissions, Chrome Custom Tabs, and most likely won't get 6.0 and has been silently EOLd.

  • Hawk

My LG G2 has 32GB and 3000mAh battery, so no comparison to the LG G2.