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LG Nexus 5X

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the improvement is very slow nowadays and there is no surprising phone to announce like G2 in two years ago!!! SD808 is not a fantastic update over previous nexus 5 with SD800.
only some minor improvements like Fingerprint sensor and laser focus is added! it is oppressive!!!!

  • donnapradana

if the battery is bigger and it has 32gb minimum at specs. gonna be great though..

  • seighalani

LG produced Nexus series awfully most of the time.

  • Performa

Don't forget it's nexus, pure android makes it faster few times because no crappy UI is eating performace. I had first Nexus5 and its best phone i used, but i crashed it to the ground.. now i have samsung galaxy s5, touchwiz suck, no performacne, ram always used...

  • AnonD-170479

Make it around $300

  • AnonD-104517

whr z the marshmallow that m gonna eat??

  • Anonymous

I'll take my Moto X Pure Edition for $399 please and thank-you...

  • screwthis

Ooops that's not right. Even a over hyped pos 1+ has better specs.

  • AnonD-438647

AnonD-438647, 09 Sep 2015Gsmarena wrote Android 5.1.1 JOKE OF THE YEAR!! Anyw... moreAlso, when the future is USB type C, why is it Slim Port here? Even a regular micro USB would have been fine.

This and the stupid storage options, both point out the "stubbornness" on part of LG/Google.

  • AnonD-438647

Gsmarena wrote Android 5.1.1


Anyway, jokes apart. Such disappointing specs should be justified by $399 for 32 GB & $349 for 16 GB, i.e., $50 lesser than what's currently rumoured.
It's not worth more than that.

  • AnonD-8044

yo, 08 Sep 2015is that a joke ??? 16 gb and no card slot ??? 2700mAh ??? t... moreUnofficial preliminary specifications..

  • Kristianc4

What a let down not using the newest tech snapdragon 620, for that reason I won't be buying this phone, good luck Google cuz ur too late

  • Anonymous

yo, 08 Sep 2015is that a joke ??? 16 gb and no card slot ??? 2700mAh ??? t... moreThere's a 32GB variant of it.

  • AnonD-387177

One thing here will be good...Frequent updates from Google. Also specs arent that bad. Most of th ppl have enough space with 32gb variant. Also gotta think that GD will have probably 200 gb space for you ppl.

No memory card slot means no buy for millions of people. They still doesn't understand this?? And it is that hard to add that damn FM Radio???

  • yo

is that a joke ??? 16 gb and no card slot ??? 2700mAh ??? this phone is lg g2+.

  • hassan riaz

Average specs lg g4 has much better specs