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  • AG

My phone just froze one day and it turned off. Idk how to fix it

  • Anonymous

The software of the phone is absolutely good. No complaints about whats inside the phone. HOWEVER! The rear camera lens broke after 3 months of use. It broke without any drops or pressure put onto it. Very disappointed with the camera lens. No warranty either

  • AnonD-652501

Syed, 18 Feb 2017How was the battery life ON NOUGAT Can i buy this ?? I am in Android 7.1.1 NRD90M Official Nougat. Running quite fine and superb battery life because of my root access from here http://www.droidphoria.com/2017/03/Root-Nexus-5X­-Nougat.html with Greenify module plus Xposed.

Really rooting make my phone great.

  • Max

I'm still in January month security patch
Waiting for further updates
I'm in Android 7.1.2 beta
Anyone have this sort of issues?

  • Z

Ivan, 04 Mar 2017Yep, same here. I am wondering the same thing...dont enroll in beta program, every time u will get the security patch at later date then

  • Ivan

Max, 28 Feb 2017Still waiting for Feb month security update I'm in beta progra... moreYep, same here. I am wondering the same thing...

  • Max

Hamga, 28 Feb 2017How u install 7.1.2...Yep, currently in Android 7.1.2 beta

[deleted post]How u install 7.1.2...

  • Max

Still waiting for Feb month security update
I'm in beta program
Did anyone enrolled

  • Anonymous

Guys can you help me Clear my doubts regarding the bootloop thing which the nexus 5x is facing . Is it really true ?? Is it wise if I purchase it now as I'm really amaze by all its frequent updates so please guys help me out on this one .thank you :)

  • AnonD-643723

AnonD-646518, 26 Feb 2017Iphone 5s or lg nexus 5x?One is Android, the other iOS.
Your choice!

  • AnonD-646518

Iphone 5s or lg nexus 5x?

  • Anonymous

muaz, 13 Jan 2017just bought it yesterday...today i realise my phone doesnt has g... morethis is barebones Android and they use their stock apps as actual replacements so Photos is our Gallery,google Music is your music Player but thats it you buy a blank canvas and build your own phone, no bloatware. In the Playstore there are many galleries and Music players.

  • Nexus 5X's User

Max, 21 Feb 2017Hello, anyone got Feb month security update?Yes, I got mine. Only security patches, not a huge update so it's okay if you haven't got yours...

  • Max

Hello, anyone got Feb month security update?

  • AnonD-646109

just want to share tips that may prolonged your nexus 5x or 6p, make sure to always monitor your device temperature, most of boot loop issue mybe because of the processor was burnt out.. i experienced it with my samsung note 8,when upgrading to kikkat 4.4..and since then it keeps booting.. now i use clean master to cool down my nexus 5x,and no problems so far..hopefully this will help..

  • ck

ananda71, 12 Feb 2017definitely 5x. 5x's camera and overall performance is betterSo What abt battery backup bro

  • AnonD-645845

kh4, 04 Feb 2017how to connect PCget a usb c to usb a.

  • Syed

How was the battery life ON NOUGAT Can i buy this ??

  • ananda71

Jared, 28 Jan 2017Should I swap my Nexus 5X to an OnePlus 2? How is the camera p... moredefinitely 5x. 5x's camera and overall performance is better